At present now many teenagers build relationship with each other as like boy with girl or girl with boy. I want to know  Bad sites of teenagers relationship?
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Sorry your question is not clear. What do you mean by the word 'bad sites' here. Bad to surf on or a site with bad content? Or are you asking about a dating site? I think you are asking about good dating sites for making bad relationships? actually dating sites are for people suing it's service. Anybody join on such a website may be seeking such relationships there. Of course there are bad contents and profiles on these sites and many of the profiles may not be an actual person or dealt by the website itself. It's better to search on google,yahoo or bing for dating sites to get results on the 'bad sites' you are asking for.
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Yes. I also think he must be asked for dating websites. Thanks for your answer.
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Bad sites?Am not quite sure but I think you mean good sites for teenage dating.

First am pretty sure you're not done with school yet. Why don't you put focus on your books first,make hay while the sun shines,then the rest of the things like dating will follow.

Besides, at times we have to understand that this is another err,generation Y.OK I'll suggest you should not go for any online dating sites because you will meet different kinds of people. They might seem so nice but most of them are fake,starting from their identity.

If you really want to date just find someone offline, someone you know better and whose real.
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Is this some dating sites? Or some social media sites? I do think that even social media sites has ads and it promotes dating sites that your children will see and might try one day out of curiousity. There are lots of site and they are everywhere. Even using Google alone, there are ads and they could see it. You cannot turn down a specific sites just to protect your child. What you can do is to protect them by advising them what is the disadvantage of this site for them. If they are not aware or they do not know, they might try it. They might say yes that they are not trying different sites, checking it out, but there are 100% probability that they are lying and you can't do about it. I just hope you talk to your child and let them the harm it will bring them.
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I will give my answer to this question on the basis or assumptions that bad sites means the implications of building relationships at teenage.
It morally believe that a child in teenage is still under the full  control of her parents and at this stage he or she supposed to be more concentrated on her accedemics and moral upbringing.
What exist between most teenagers is not love but infertualion that is propelled the puberty stage they her so such feelings are so strong that can lead them to commit fornication which can lead  to untimely pregnancy which the most cause of abortions today.
At a teenage stage their brains are not developed enough to manage emotional activities and academic activirs at the same time, they focus more on emotional activities and this affects lots of teenagers academically.
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I would assume that you are talking about the bad sides of teenage relationships and that is true. The thing that I have come to notice about this kind of issues is that some teenagers who ain't ready for a relationship now try to do so all in the name of trying to belong to the happenings in the society.

Don't get me wrong, it is always great when two persons find out that they both have something in common when we are talking about a relationship and love, but it is not always nice to see some kids doing as relationship always involves those that are mature to handle this phase of life. This is the point where you get to see that the issue of heartbreak is reduced, but when it turns out that the kids are now involved, then there is need for caution as lots of mistakes are meant to happen.
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I believe that you are talking about teenagers falling in love. Well, everything that has a good side always has a bad side. I can understand why most people are very skeptical about teenage relationships. Most teenagers are still immature and sometimes incapable of making rational decisions. Other than that, I think teenage love is sweet and innocent.
They may make decisions in love that they'd regret when they are much older. This is why teenagers need proper counseling from adults. It isn't bad to let them socialize.

I think the good can overweigh the bad. The love can blossom into something beautiful. I've seen teenage relationships that stayed true until marriage. All they need is guidance and supervision.
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I want to believe you are referring to the bad sides of dating as a teenager.Well I want to believe everyone knows that whatever we do in life comes in form of a coin,it always have two sides the good and bad sites and as such anyone one engaging in it must weigh the two options and try to promote mostly the good sides and leave the bad sides totally. Good sides of dating as a teenager includes having a mutual friend that you can share your fears and interest with both for now and in the future. You have a person that can understand your kind of person and works toward making you happy, someone that can stand by you and not against you and your aspirations.

Anyone that wants to thwart your dreams shouldn't be part of your life now or in the future.
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I am not getting your question clearly. Are you asking for dating website? If you are asking for dating site tinder is best option. It is widely used one.
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It will be bad if these young ones don't know what is right or wrong. Any sites or social media has bad things. It is given that parents need to guide them. As they said, being responsible always starts in the family. Would you agree with this concern?
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I am not sure what do you mean by bad sites. I think that context is unclear. But if you mean by the dating sites where basically hookup culture is norm. I think that can be one of the issues. 
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