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At present now many teenagers build relationship with each other as like boy with girl or girl with boy. I want to know  Bad sites of teenagers relationship?

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Sorry your question is not clear. What do you mean by the word 'bad sites' here. Bad to surf on or a site with bad content? Or are you asking about a dating site? I think you are asking about good dating sites for making bad relationships? actually dating sites are for people suing it's service. Anybody join on such a website may be seeking such relationships there. Of course there are bad contents and profiles on these sites and many of the profiles may not be an actual person or dealt by the website itself. It's better to search on google,yahoo or bing for dating sites to get results on the 'bad sites' you are asking for.
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Bad sites?Am not quite sure but I think you mean good sites for teenage dating.

First am pretty sure you're not done with school yet. Why don't you put focus on your books first,make hay while the sun shines,then the rest of the things like dating will follow.

Besides, at times we have to understand that this is another err,generation Y.OK I'll suggest you should not go for any online dating sites because you will meet different kinds of people. They might seem so nice but most of them are fake,starting from their identity.

If you really want to date just find someone offline, someone you know better and whose real.
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Is this some dating sites? Or some social media sites? I do think that even social media sites has ads and it promotes dating sites that your children will see and might try one day out of curiousity. There are lots of site and they are everywhere. Even using Google alone, there are ads and they could see it. You cannot turn down a specific sites just to protect your child. What you can do is to protect them by advising them what is the disadvantage of this site for them. If they are not aware or they do not know, they might try it. They might say yes that they are not trying different sites, checking it out, but there are 100% probability that they are lying and you can't do about it. I just hope you talk to your child and let them the harm it will bring them.

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