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Do you believe badluck comes from demons
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It's possible to happen because demons still have their powers on earth. 

When Satan was cast down to earth, he had his full angelic powers which he used to create demons and give them powers. 

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There is every possibility of demons or spiritual beings having a good interference with one's luck in life. The reason why I kind of believe that this is possible is that when you go deep into religion, you would be informed that any battle won in physical life has already been fought and won in the spiritual world. So, whatever happens in the real world can very well be influenced in the spirit world.

Now, there is also another possibility of these demons not really having any sort of powers in influencing what happens to anyone in real life. When you are very strong spiritually, it's almost going to be very impossible for these foul spirits called demons to have any sort of power or influence over your luck. So, in this case, you are definitely going to be having all your good luck and no bad luck.
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One thing is obvious when it comes to demons, nothing good can come out of it for sure. For me i feel bad luck is something that happens to everyone. It is inevitable that it will happen at some point in our lives. Demons get into peoples bodies and start Co trolling them, that's what they do control. Bad luck comes once in a while and it disappears, or it sometimes keeps coming up over and over again. For this you can overcome it yourself by changing the way you think and do things, change your attitude and mindset, have positivity in your life instead of always being negative, and that will stop the badluck from following you wherever you go. When you also pray about it you will definitely get the grace from God to push you through. For demons, it is another different story because you will need interceding to be able to remove them and that could take time.

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