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The Xmas season is here,what's your plan for it?
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Stay with my parents, family and friends. I will always appreciate spending quality time with my loved ones every Christmas holidays. 
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This is a selfless thing to do,people can have all the material things but the one that supersedes all is our presence.
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Exactly! As much as I want to be successful in life, I still live for my family as well because they are very important in my life. 

So, making out time for them is something that they actually do deserve from me. 

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I have big plans for this coming Christmas. This is a period where you get to see some friends and family which makes it the more interesting. I have lived in a world where many are busy to even create time for the break that they should be taking and I have resolved to be part of those that will relax and have some good time. Right now, I am still staying away from home where I am working and the working period will be coming to an end in a few days time.

However, the major thing that I look out for is how I will travel to my place, stay with my people a bit before we travel to Christmas. It has been months that I was unable to see my grandma and this period of traveling is one that I can use to get across to her while spending some days in the village. I see the period as a time that I should have some good rest of mind.
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I'm thinking doing same I will have to make my kids visit their grannies it been long we visited them.
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I really don't usually plan for  a holiday, but at least I have an idea what to do. Sometimes,we will just do what we want do because we don't usually go our and sleep overnight somewhere else. We never did it not unless sleeping at my partner's parent house. If we go to the beach it is just for one day and it depends on the weather, too. Before we planned to go somewhere, but then the weather was not good so we didn't go out. In the coming season of Christmas I don't know yet where to go and what is our plan, all I know is my partner is having a two weeks off from his job. He prefer to stay at home and do nothing or sit in front of the computer and play his favorite game. Me, I am thinking if, I know how to drive ( I didn't finished my lesson because nobody will teach me)I love to meet with friends.
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Anything one can do during the season is worth doing and doing well. It's a good time for fun and we just have to enjoy it. 
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Personally, I think holidays are often overrated and also over planned for. I get that holidays like Christmas and new year are once in a while celebrations, but people just tend to over do things during these holidays. I don't know about where you come from, but am speaking from my place's experience. And am kind of certain it's the same all over. It's crazy to see people save all year long just for a single days celebration. Some even get into debt just because they are trying to meet certain expectations on that day of celebration. It's almost like a competion to see who does it better.
Drawing from the above, you'll clearly see that am not a big fan of holiday celebrations. My holidays will always be spent like everyother normal weekend. At most, i spend it with family members or do something I know I can manage without hurting my finances.
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Good to spend our time with others during the holidays. Well, even if you're spending you can still apply caution. 

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