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Customary wedding is in respect for customs and traditions while white wedding is for one's Christian religious beliefs. 

Both of them are very important. 
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But does any of this supersedes the other. Which is really lawful to do?
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Traditional marriage is more superior because the two couple are intended to marry, while in White wedding it is celebration of coming together of both and woman  without legalities.

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When people talk about marriage, I always look at it from the view that there are a lot of people that thinks that one marriage rite is better than the other. The thing when we talk about marriage is to understand that partners marry when the father and the mother of the lady accepts the husband as their father in-law. In other words, we can say that a marriage has taken place when the two families involved get to agree that their son and daughter should live as husband and wife.

This is one reason we can say that customary marriage has got a lot to do with history and culture. No matter how we take a look at things, what is necessary is for the people involved to be aware and as customs demand, it is always better in traditional marriage. However, white marriage is all about fulfilling what Christ said and I think that it is good as well.
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Yea,the two are good but I used to wonder which is really recognised by law,in case one want to travel out of the country.
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I don't really see the superiority of customary wedding to that of white wedding. I even have a feeling that customary wedding is only recognized in some cultures, particularly in those countries that are too traditionalistic. Thus customary wedding can be said to be more appreciated in such climes due to the importance placed on it.
But going with what is generally accepted globally, white wedding is far more popular and on superior pedestal than the customary wedding. In aaddition, to its global recognition, white wedding often goes with God's blessings since it is done in His temple.

Moreover, white wedding is the type that's usually bears the symbolism of wearing ring on the finger, which is an indication that one is married. But for the customary wedding nothing to show for marrital commitment to another person.
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Okay, in essence you're of the views that white wedding is more lawful that the traditional marriage. 
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When it comes to marriage, people would always be making the choice of what marriage process that would suit their personal life interests. So, in looking at the bigger picture, both customary and white wedding marriage are very important because they both serve different purpose but which is still directed to the same end game that is making the marital process fully complete.

Now, with customary wedding it is targeted at taking into observations of one's traditional origin and respecting customs and traditions of our forefathers. It's normally called wine carrying and no marriage can be said to be complete without the ceremony of wine carrying.
On the other hand, white wedding is more of a recognition for the religious beliefs in making a man and woman to be wedded in the eyes of God.
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Yea, you have explained the two but which do you think is more lawful and can be used by law
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I think this depends on the laws of the country, the individual and how much importance is placed on both types of Union. In my country, customary marriage is practiced a lot because we have diverse cultures and traditions and you'll find that both go hand in hand most times.
Even the culture you belong to is highly of importance in some ethnic groups. However, two couples uniting is somehow not complete without a white wedding or a religious weddings.

A white wedding on the other hand can stand alone without any traditional rites. Even on a legal level, civil marriages are recognized first before any form. It still doesn't nullify a customary marriage. I think that in the end, it depends on the beliefs of the individual
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This was a bit confusing.which is more lawful and which is civil marriage,any more explanation. 

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