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How can one become a cheerful giver?
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To become a cheerful giver, you are definitely going to learn how to give without expecting anything in return for your help.

It's the only way to make it as a cheerful giver. 
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You're right that's the rule of being a cheerful giver. Giving up for anyone without needing anything in returns. 

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Well, in my opinion it's developing the habit of giving would be the only way to become a cheerful giver. Some people are actually naturally kind hearted that they cannot stay peacefully and watch other people pass through suffering and hardship, so they always make themselves available to offering any kind of help and assistance both financially and otherwise to the people who needs such assistance.

Now, there is a catch with someone becoming a cheerful giver and it's such person being practically selfless in everything that he or she does when it comes to offering any kind of help or assistance to other people. You are definitely going to not expect anything in return from anyone that you have offered help, it's the only way to becoming a cheerful giver.
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Asking for nothing in returns is the best way to gift anyone anything. I like to give without considering anything.
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To become a cheerful giver, I think one needs to understand completely the concept of life itself. I think the idea of giving comes when we have. You can't give what you don't have. Be it love or material.

At the point when we realize that we are not alone as we thought, when it becomes clear that we need one another to coexist, we'll natural develop the desire to give cheerful. There's a saying that goes; I am because we are!

The feeling of compassion and empathy doesn't go wrong. When you have that, you'll become more selfless to the poor and needy. You'll feel inclined to always want to help and when you do, the feeling is heavenly. The satisfaction you'll derive will nourish your soul and further drive you to do much more.
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I wish everyone could imbibe this virtue of love,compassion and empathy to give one can really be an awesome thing to do.
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Giving is what we can say that comes out of the heart freely without any form of persuasion. This is the reason you see people even setting up nice places where they get to help people in one way or the other. As long as giving is concerned, there are things that we should always be looking at and one of them is the fact that we should give when we are grateful and happy.

Giving when we are being forced to is one of the ways that people don't make it look nice anymore. For instance, I always tend to give when I am happy and this is one of the reasons that I can say that the people that I give to will highly appreciate. Also, people can develop the attitude of giving when they understand that all we have were given to us by God freely and the need to give out to people in thay free way is something that is necessary as well.
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Definitely,giving shouldn't be a forceful thing.We should always have the heart to give and empathize with one another. 
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There's no specific way to be a giver than to be generous with whatever you have. Unfortunately, there is stereotype that has permeated the fabric of our society for far too long that giving is only through giving out money or any other material items. This is completely wrong because if this how it is with giving, that means it won't be everybody that would be able to give.

When it comes to giving, however, it should be something done from the bottom of one's heart. And it shouldn't be seen as a thing that must involve physical items, but then whole essence of human being. If it is knowledge or respect or love you think is what you can give, make sure you do it without expecting anything in return. Same goes with whatever it is you want to give to your fellow man. Give without expecting anything back!
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You are right. Plus giving can come in any form. Even a smile can give joy to the soul of another. 
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I like gift that are given from one's very big comes cheerfully and it can help one blossom from it. 
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To become a cheerful giver you have to do it wholeheartedly and no pretensions. If you can do this, you will be happy to give something to others without expecting in return. I believe the more you give the more you received. But of course you cannot expect anything in return. Some people will give something but deep inside they feel sad because they are expecting something in return, which is not good either. If you want to feel happy do what you love to do, don't pretend. A lot of hypocrites around us just to become famous or like the politicians, during campaign period they will give anything they can to the citizens so they can get their votes. If they don't get any vote they will get mad because they didn't win.
So, give if you are happy to do it, no need to force yourself to do something that won't make you happy. Always give smiles because smile becomes a credit that nobody can buy.
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If people actually thinks like this then it very bad.we should be one another keepers to blossom too.

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