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If we are in an emergency and there is no diesel available for our diesel car then can we use petrol as a temporary fuel?
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The best way to answer this is by giving it a try. Are willing to? 
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No! This is very simple logic. However, back in WWII when people had an issue with gas on some islands they used a fuel made from coconut. Today there are still many manufacturing plants that produce this fuel. However, when people switched over to this fuel they had to do some modification to their cars.

This was the same back in the late 80's early 90's when people wanted to find a cheaper means to fuel their car. They came up with a system called CNG. However, the car engine had to be modified in order to run this fuel in the engine. 

In your case, this would be the same. If you needed to switch the type of fuel your car runs on there would need to be a lot of modifications done to your engine so that you could now run this type of fuel in your car. 
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Definitely my answer is no, you can use different oil but your will not work the same in a long run.

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No, you can not. The car was not designed for petrol. If you happen to put this in your tank or a gas station adds petrol to your diesel motor it can destroy your engine. If petrol gas has been put in your car by mistake, you'll need to immediately get your engine serviced. This is a very expensive job and will require the garage to drain your tank, put in all new filters, and flush out the engine before you can drive your car again. If you happen to drive the car with petrol in the engine the car will almost immediate stop and not run at all. You can basically destroy your engine if you add the wrong gas and try to drive the car.
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It is simple as ABC, the car won't work. Everything is made in accordance with specificity of what fits it. There is no how what is not meant for a particular thing would work on it no matter how hard one tries. A car that is making of diesel will only function with diesel fuel, same goes for car using petrol as fuel.

On a more relatable level, let's us liking it to a fish designed specifically to survive in water. What would happen to it if it tries to start dwelling on land? Now, you would agree that such a fish is poised to die by trying to survive where it was not designed for.

On a more serious note, it is of common sense that a car that's made to make of diesel would only function with the use of diesel on it.
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Definitely not. I have seen people who have been stuck at petrol stations waiting for someone to come out and drain their tank because they accidentally put the wrong fuel in and I believe it is rather expensive to have it done.  The simple answer is in the majority of cars  it will come to a halt if you put the wrong fuel in and as the pumps are clearly colour coded it shouldn't really happen.

I have heard that some people put vegetable oil in their diesel cars and it will run on it for a while although it is much thicker than diesel  so it doesn't burn the same in an engine and will eventually damage the car. It might be fine for a short term solution if there is no diesel available but I would do some research on the best brands to try and only use it in an emergency,
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I couldn't help myself laughing with the question on whether one can use petrol on a diesel engine car because it's quite a funny thing to ask. But let me answer the question by telling you that it's not possible in any way for that to be successful because the car engine specifications aren't built to use two different fossil fuel at the same time.

If a car is built with diesel engines parts, it's only going to function and be driven with diesel and the same thing is applicable to petrol engine vehicles. There are some car spare parts of diesel engine that cannot allow petrol engine spare parts to be used and replace it. Take for instance, gas filter of diesel engine powered cars can never be replaced using fuel filters used by petrol cars.
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No, this is not advisable whatever the reason might be,  you either source for it fuel or pack the car and take cab to near by fuel station to get the diesel.
Car are made with different engines and the combustion rate of petrol and diesel designed cars obviously differs,  it will definitely knock the car because there is what is called the active number system which determines the quality of fuel and also the cracking rate. It obvious that their viscosity differs which definitely will affect their combustion rate and heat generations.
If this is even done by mistake, the tank will need to be worked on before it original fuel can be supplied to avoid mixture of two different fuels which will not allow the car to function properly and eventually cause knocking.
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Nope, you should not use petrol gas in a diesel car because it affects the performance of your car. If you want your car to run a long time with efficiency then skip this step. 

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