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Do you think it's appropriate to hire a moderator for your site? 
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I am my own moderator and owner of my website, so I don't ever hire others to act as moderator's. There is a good reason why too. I do not want my website altered or changed in any way. Because it's my site that I created, I like to be in charge. That may be cynical of me, but it's how I feel.

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It isn't mandatory to get a moderator for a site but it is important.it just like in life it's isn't important to have a personal assistant but it will be very helpful to employ one and as such it will really help a site to function properly and effectively if a good moderator is employed.

The word there is good because getting a moderator is one thing and getting an effective one  is the most important thing. A moderator of a site plays a significant role of weeding out spammers on the site. Helps to moderate contents posted on a site, sanctioned some users that are not abiding by the terms and conditions of the site and if such users deserved a ban so be it. The moderator is like an eye on a site for an admin especially if the admin is a busy person. So getting a moderator is very important.
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