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Some married people don't take their marriage vows seriously.

Are you such a person?

How do you see such people? 

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Well,alot of people get into marriage just to tick the society box of getting married at a certain time or age if they have their  way they wouldn't. They see marriage as a bondage and not something they should focus or be committed to. Some people are married bachelor's and spinsters. Married on paper but single in deeds and actions and this is not suppose to be so.
Well,not to sound my trumpet or be a noise maker I will agree with myself that I have been sticking to my vows and I'm sure my partner can affirm this if asked. I believe there's a blessing attached to this if we keep to our vows, marriage is a blessing and as such keeping the bed undefiled is a much more blessing too.
I can't judged anyone but I want to urged box sexes to always keep to their marriage vows.
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Let me answer this question as a single woman. Marriage nowadays has become an institution of convenience. People are not serious about anything, it's all about what am i getting out of it, how will i benefit? It has become so ordinary for someone to stand up in the midst of a crowd and say those vows and not mean a word of what they say. People do it just to be seen and recognized. We live in a world where marriage is for a few, the rest are just jokers, like lets try and see what will come of it. I have seen men especially not wearing their rings just so they can go around spoiling young girls, taking advantage and wasting their time in the name of love. This is just an avenue of cheating. Others may do it so that people may think of them as singles thus no responsibility.

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