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Do you like using emoji when chatting? 
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An emoji which  is  showing one's emotions through symbols,signs and objects without writing out the word of how one's feels which is mostly with smartphone while chatting on different chatting platforms and other sites too is really rewarding. I like using emoji especially when I'm in no mood to type long words or sentences or I don't want to type statements that I will be be misquoted out of context. Emoji sometimes does a better job of presenting an angry thing in a very mild way.
So it's good thing to use emoji which I do alot so as to add clarity to my words in case I couldn't communicate properly with my words and where words fail then the symbols of emoji can help out.

It even help to beautify our conversation on social media like Instagram.
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Making use of emoji is something that I always find interesting as one can get to see the need for us to use it to communicate to our friends and family when we are not ready to make use of words. However, there are a few caution that we should always have at the back of our minds when we are making use of emoji and they are:

1. Ensure that each emoji that you are using can be used to communicate to the other person. There are cases where you will get to see that the person that you are chatting with is not going to take what you are communicating with.

2. There is something else that you will get to see when we are talking about making use of emoji is that you will see how people want it to be missed with words. This means that making use of the emoji often is something that may bore the other person off as well.
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Yes. I make it a point to use emojis when chatting especially with friends. This brings a lot more life or energy to the message and somehow avoids the problem of getting misinterpreted. However, when it comes to communicating with my officemates, I don't always use emojis as the message will tend to give an informal vibe.
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