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Most American parents teach their children how to shoot a gun. 

Do you know how to shoot one? 
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No, I don't. I don't ever intend to either. I do not believe in such weapons.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
I have  never thought of this maybe because my country doesn't allow individual ownership of guns.Guns are mostly handled by military and some paramilitary organization and they alone are allowed to learn about shooting and the use of a gun.

I wouldn't even advocate the use of the guns by civilians or individuals to avoid individual and massive killing in the country by either a psycho or a drug addict on shooting rampage like what we get to read and hear about in Europe.

Some parents even try to teach the kids on the use of guns and in a split of anger some massive shooting erupt killing innocent people in the process.

I know we might think of owning it for safety reasons but some people are just violent so it better there's a ban against it usage.
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This is not what wanted to have in our home because it's dangerous weapon. Even people say it's for protection, but protection from who if you don't do any illegal activity. I remember when I was 16 years old I was living in the house of my uncle. His family is in the middle class and they have  three story building. There were one time of their daughter having an issue with her parents and she was attending this prex from the church. They come home with her mother from last day of their prex arguing to something that their daughter said in front of other people. Then my cousin went to the second floor while her mom at the first floor, so I followed her and while I'm in the sofa watching over her went to her parent's room and grab a gun. That's when I get paranoid and cried over went down to the stairs and told her mom that her daughter got a gun. Luckily she didn't kill herself and her mim manage to get her out. That's the reason I don't want a gun around the house, anything can happen.
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At the moment, I don't know how to operate a gun and the reason is because handling of guns is something that is not always that popular right here in Nigeria. In fact, from the way that everything is happening, one can get to see that it is pretty difficult for them to operate a gun. While those that are living in the United States and other developed countries can easily have access to guns just by walking into a gun shop and getting a license, it is totally different here.

The thing is, unless you are a security agent, handling of guns is something that you should not be thinking about. I mean it has gotten to the point where it is pretty difficult for some of us to even have access to the place where guns are being sold and this is done all in a bid to reduce crime in the society.

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