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Rats are very annoying when they infest your home. 

It's embarrassing to see them run around when you have a guest. 
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I have never personally caught a rat or mouse with traps, but I do know others that have used traps to catch rats or mice. I, on the other hand, have used a different means of a trap. A simple plastic cup with peanut butter inside of it. Lay the cup on it's side with peanut butter in it ( the peanut butter keeps the cup in place to prevent it from rolling and it also lures such said mouse or rat into it), wait for the mouse or rat to enter the cup, then take a plastic lid and cover the cup completely. Take the cup outside far enough away from your home and release the mouse or rat. Throw out the cup and lid afterwards.

This way you aren't hurting the rodent or attempting killing it. Yes, rats and mice are a nuisance, but there are other methods, like I mentioned above, to prevent inhumane acts.
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Seriously,it never funny when rats takes over the home it can be annoying and frustrating too,when one is trying to get rid of them and it like the multipled in numbers daily. I can remember when a little store outside my home was left vacant for months without usage and rats built their bungalow there,these tiny creature became a menace in there,when we realize we needed to use all kinds of method to eradicate them and the first thing that came to the mind was their trap.We used the trap the first 3 days and it like when once the trap caught one ,the rest knew and avoided the trap for that whole day,so I decided to use the rat gum,this was more effective.So the rat trap did work but the rat gum did a better job it will gum at least tiny 3 at a time.
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I have some experience with both rat and mouse hunting, used different methods and techniques. If it was any other rodent, a squirrel for example, or something bigger as raccoon, then yeah, it would be better to set some humane trap, catch that little fellow and release it somewhere in the woods. With rats, these well-known pests, you don't have such option, if your area became infested, you should deal with them as fast as possible. According to this page spring traps are still the most effective option, you may also look for some electric traps, which seem more efficient, but thus more expensive. The main rule here - don't forget to clean a trap after, hm, usage.

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Where I live we do not have many choices when it comes to rats and mice entering our home. The rats are brought here on the boats that arrive in our ports bringing in supplies. They leave the boats and flood our islands. Everyone tries to control these rodents but it is hard to do. Therefore, we can set out a large trap and trap them alive. But then you must kill them one way or another. One way to do this is to put them in the river in the trap and let them die like this. Other than this you can trap them using sticky paper or even an old rat trap which can be quite messy. 
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