I am Abdul Razzak. My wife bears a baby now. How to find a unique best name for my child? Wher can I get unique baby names?
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There are lots to choose from the internet. I am not sure with your religion but some religion is relying on bible in naming their child or you can give your first name to your child too.
There are so many names out there you can go for. I believe you've been living among people all these years, they would help in this regard. Just ask them for names with their meanings and they should be able to help you to find the right names you can choose from.
Nowadays, parents want their children to have unique names. Here in our country, one common practice is combining the name of both parents into one.
You could pick a foreign language that you like and find an online dictionary for that language. Type a word into the search box and then see what the word(s) in that language are. For example if you like Spanish, you could type in "beautiful" and one of the words in Spanish that means "beautiful" is "bella" so you could name your baby Bella.

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There are many name sites on internet. Just by searching baby names you can get many such baby name sites. But about the uniqueness you must think more than twice because these names are viewed by millions. Uniqueness of baby names on these sites depends on from which place or country you are from and which regions names are you searching. You can also get unique name for your baby by altering common names or using synonyms of common name meanings. Why can't you ask a question here on answeree.com with your requirements needed as the whole community is here to help you? Wishing good and prayers for the mom and baby.
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Today naming a baby doesn't follow the same rules as before. Take a look at some of the most unusual baby names people have given to their children. You can easily search online for different or unique names. However, this will all depend on you and your wife. I understand naming a child is a big responsibility and you want to find the perfect name for your new baby. Good luck and I hope you can find the best name in the world for your child. However, when you name your baby, just ask yourself if you'd like to be called this when you got older. When my mom named me she thought it was so cute to give me a boys name. Growing up this was no fun at all and I ended up hating my name and stopped using it years ago.
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      Some couples discuss and research, some argue about the name until hospital staff make you sign in the birth certificate. But though naming your new born is a daunting process, it can also be fun. Or you can ask a discussion from your friends and families, so that they can help you to search or think of the best and unique name for the baby. But I think the best name that you can give to your baby need to come from you and your wife, but if you need some help i can suggest a site that will give you a guide. Just visit this site, nameberry.com. 


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Most of the people like calling their kids after relatives who might be alive or died quite some time ago.

If you're not willing to call your kids after relatives, you should consider checking them on the internet under (fakenamegenerator)you'll find all kinds of names.Else,you can call them after people you've always admired like footballers,musicians and any celebrity.
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