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Do you think we can actually get punished by God when we go astray or could it be Satan punishing us. 
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Sometimes I will believe that God punishes his children when they did something wrong, but I think it's not true.
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Definitely yes. When we go astray, God punishes us. Take a look at what happened to the Israelites in the wilderness with getting bitten by snakes for being disobedient and cursing God and Moses. 
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Well,I always want to believe it isn't true too. I don't know if really a loving father can actually punished his kids.
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Oh well wouldn't dispute that if you say so. I just wish he could be more forgiving than punishing us. 
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No, God do not punish children. If children suffer is because adults do not take care of them and it is not God's fault. 
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No, God do not punish children. If children suffer it is because adults do not take care of them. When adults make mistakes, children suffer a lot.

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Personally, I don't think that the devil or Satan have the power to offer any kind of punishment to God's children without getting the permission from God almighty to do so. Are you familiar with the story of Job in the holy Bible? Job is regarded as the most faithful of all that have lived in the earth. He was loyal and faithful to God by all means and God blessed him in abundance for worshipping him well.

Now, as the life of Jon got better and better, Satan grew jealous of how he worships God, so he went to God and told him that it's because he has Job very well in both riches and fortune that he has been faithful in worshipping him the lord God. He then asked for permission to tempt Job and make him curse God which God allowed him to do but with the condition of not touching his soul.
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You need to read the story more carefully. God did not give "permission", He said "Behold, he is in thy power." Job had lost God's protection because of his nervousness. Satan is the god of this world, so he used diseases, natural disasters, and other people to do his dirty work. 
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Life always has a way of playing out things it's own way regardless of how we plan or what beliefs we have. Personally, i don't think God has a hand in any type of ill faith that befalls different people. I mean, his a merciful God, he can't let people suffer.

Believing that God punishes people is almost not conceivable to everyone because not everybody believes in God, and those who believe, have different thoughts on how God works. Drawing from this, i'll like to make an argument or a statement to be precise.

How about those who do not believe in God and lead a meaningful life, if bad faith befalls them, do they say it's God? Who do they blame for any suffering they go through? How do they call it punishment? Plus they are other people who start to suffer from the very moment they came into this world. Surely God won't do that to innocent children for they haven't even seen life itself.
Secondly, if God does punish people, it will be because they fail to do the one thing he asked of us, worship him and lead a meaning life in a righteous manner. Now, i know tens of people who do not measure up to the standards expected of us by God. Some of these people do not even think about God talk much of worshipping. And yet, they live a painless life with all the fine things money can buy. They've never for once suffered in their entire life. How do we explain this inline with God punishing people?

On the subject of whether Satan has the ability to punish people or not, my stands is that Satan can only do to us what God gave him the permission to do, correct me if am wrong. I think Satan gets too many blames. His role in this world is to distract us from worshipping God as he said he would show God when he refused to bow before Adam and Eve and not the many things we often blame on him.
In general, i think suffering is just a part of life. And there are things that no matter how much you try and even pray about it, It never gets to change, otherwise we wont have too many religiously devoted people suffering on a daily basis. My point is God has no hand in most of bad faith a lot of people go through and that includes suffering. He might only be responsible for certain punishments if you test him directly.
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Alright your point is not all punishments comes from God,some are just man-made.
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Just think about this, you being a father or a mother, what happens when you tell your child, "don't do this." you forgive your child the first the second and the third time, will you not take a cane and discipline your child? Otherwise if you don't discipline your child what will come out of that child? This is the same way with our GOD, HE IS A FATHER and if you turn away from HIS ways HE will punish you so that you can come back to HIS ways (Mat 7:11).
Another thing is that, YES it is true GOD punishes HIS children, but in what basis does HE punish them. Those who have rejected the ways of GOD and have chosen the ways of the devil the evil and wicked ways are punished. Mat 7:23: Then i will tell them plainly, I never knew you away from me you evildoers.
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So God actually punished his children especially those that have refused to do his bidding and his words. 
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It is stated clearly in the bible that; the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life. I believe that answer  to the question have being given by that statement from the scripture.  It is actually due to the disobedience oof men that God decided to inside the creation of hell to punish every being that goes contrary with the guidance of God. The  dospbeyed devil was banned from existing among God's angels due to disobedience. Same way adamand Eve also known as Hawa disobeyed God and were both banished by God from heaven or garden of Eden. It is actually a punishment upon them to serve as a deterrent for further disobedience. It is the punishment upon them that transcend upon every man now that we all have to fend for our self instead of having in ease.
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God does not punish. Our God is the God of rightness. If you do something wrong you suffer the consequences. If you kick a curb, your foot hurts because that is right, that is the consequence that goes from your action. Not because God is punishing you for kicking a curb.
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Yes God is a jealous God, he wants us to live a Christian life, do what is right and be pure in heart. When we surrender our lives to God, we are saying to him that we will live according to his ways, so when we do not do that God is not happy with us, he is a forgiving God, even when we do wrong he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. Because of his mercies, we will continue to live our lives as he watches on. There will come a time when things will start going wrong in your life, and you will start wondering why things are just not working anymore. when that starts happening you can be rest assured God is not happy with you, and he will make things hard for you until you realize that it is because of the way you live, your life of sin that you need to repent and start living right. only then will it dawn on you that God can actually punish you.

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