Do you think it's appropriate to leave pocket money with your kids knowing they can buy anything with it? 
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Yes, of course it's very important that parents give their teenage children pocket money in order to avoid them asking for it from people they shouldn't. 

Some teenage girls get unwanted pregnancies as a result of this issue.

Parents, please take note. 
I agree with you but at the same time there should be caution so that they don't begin to buy what shouldn't be. This is a very difficult period for parents.

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First of all, there is something that got to do with allowing your kids to take some basic decisions about their life. This means that if we fail to do this at the moment, it may not really result at the situation where they are able to handle some kind of situation. Giving money to your children that are in school is not a bad situation as long as we are doing it in a rational way.

What do I mean when I talk about being rational with it, I meant that we should always look at ways that the money that they are giving the kids will also be better for the kids. It is not right for those people to just give the money to the kids all because they asked for it. What is necessary to do is for us to make them spend it wisely. Not every penny that they ask should be given to them as well.
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I think the way out is still parents giving kids money and also looking for a way to protect them from going astray with it.
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There is absolutely nothing wrong in parents giving their children pocket money, but it must be done wisely not the type that would make the children to become spoiled. Whenever pocket needs to be given to teenagers, it should be based on what the parents are aware of they are going to buy with it.
Basically if caution is not taken in this regard, the parents can have themselves to blame for consequences their actions would cause on the lives of their children. Children, particularly, teenagers have the tendency of spending money on things considered to be inappropriate. And thes things could make them to deviate from the statutes of God.

Mark you, that God instructed us to bring up  children in the way they should go, so that once they grow up, they would not depart from it. Unfortunately, some parents have failed in this regard woefully, we see their children grow up to become reproach not only to themselves but also to the family and the society as a whole.
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Yea,caution is the word. Parents should be very careful and be sure of what they kids are using the money really for.
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In our world today, it's very obvious that money is very important to every individual who is no longer a toddler because money is the most valuable commodity that we all can't do without.

So, when it comes to teens getting pocket money from their parents, in my opinion it's something that should be encouraged as long as the teenagers are still completely dependent on their parents or guardians to make all the necessary provision for their up keep, maintenance and support, it's very paramount they get pocket money from them.
Although as an African child, my parents stopped giving me any pocket money once I was eighteen years old. At this age, my parents practically stopped seeing me as a child, so I had to fend for myself in little ways. So, I make my pocket money by myself at the age of 18 years old.
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That was good of you. Some parents I know still go further with their kids. They still spend on them still they are more than 18 years too. 
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Yes, as a parent we should get some pocket money to our children especially if they are still going to school and not working yet. As a parent you hand them enough pocket money for them to buy something like food or maybe try to teach them how to save some coins so they can save some of their pocket money to buy something they like. When I was in young age, our parents use to hand us a small coin for us to buy food during recess, sometimes I don't have. But, on the other side they teach us also how to earn money, we grow up in a farm and life is not easy,money isn't actually my problem during my teenage years. If our grandparents time to harvest to corn field, we will do it and in return I got small money in return. Its's not that big but at least I can buy food and one clothe or pant with it. Still my parent will hand over a small money just enough to buy food and drink at school.
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I think the best bet is for parents to hand kids money and still teach them how to make money,with this kids wouldn't be so helpless when it comes to fending for themselves. 
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Yes. I think giving pocket money to teens is a must do. Everyone needs money at some point, even kids shouldn't be left behind. In my opinion, there's absolutely nothing wrong with giving kids pocket money to meet their little needs.

Some people might argue that giving money to children at an early age isn't a good move as it might increase their needs for money always, in other words, spoil them. But then, that's why it's called pocket money. And if we are to look at it from another angle, kids who lack money no matter how small, often gets intimidated by their pears who get money from their parents.

And as you know, pear pressure can be really influencing, so kids who don't get money from their parents will find some other means of getting what they want. In this process, things can get really ugly and such kids might end up in trouble, a situation that could have been avoided by giving them pocket money.

However, parents need to be aware of certain dangers money can pose to the behaviors of their kids. Money has the ability to influence certain negative behavior like addiction. So, it's advisable to work some type of control measures when giving money to kids.
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This is always the issue the negative effect of of giving them pocket money where the kids can indulge in some addictions 
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For me i think yes but in limited manner. Because in some emergency cases they can spend it. I am also against those parents who give money just to make their children look happy. Not all the time few kids want money for movies and class bunks but few students keep it for some emergency like they forget to bring their utensils. Or, they need some extra money for co-curriculum activities in their school or colleges.
Some parents don't give money to their kids thinking they will roam around bad peoples. But, not all kids are like them but few parents are so strict that they don't even think about their children. They just have their mind set that if they give pocket money to their kid he/she will do class bunk and go to movies. But what if there is some emergency case. What they will do?

so as i said it should be given but only in a limited manner.
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Yea, there should still be some control even with all the money that one believe the kids should have. I hope parents learn this.
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It is okay to give your kids especially teenagers some money every now and then. They need money too you know. It is not just about eating the meals that you provide or living under your roof. As kids, they learn and emulate. They would want to do some things for themselves on their own, hang out with friends, save money etc.

In some way, it teaches them to be independent. You might wonder how come since they aren't making money. It means that they don't have to run to your for every single thing. You can also initiate the idea of hard work and earning their own money if they want to have more to themselves and do as they please.

What's more important is for you to instill discipline in them while growing up so they'd know how to be sensible and do the right thing at every point in life.
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Definitely, I think even with handing them the money,they can also be instill the discipline of saving and buying only what's really necessary.
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Yes. Parents can give pocket money to their children. But please make sure how that pocket money was used by your children. Parents should also be cautious in this matter. 
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I think it is fine to let kids have their pocket money, especially during my school days. It happens to me during my time in the past.
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Yes of course parents should always give their children pocket so they don't steal or take what is not theirs but it's normal to deny some times so they don't get spolt by it.
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Yes it's is kind of a way of training them on how ot spend money on their own, and how to use money responsibily and they grow to have that sense of spending.
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