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Are you the religious type? Do you believe in life after death? 
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In luke 16:19-31, there were two people in this chapter, One rich man and the other very poor. The rich man lived his life just like so many of us, he did not believe in life after death, but one day he died and he did not believe it, he did not believe that he had wasted all his time here on earth chasing after the wind only to finally find himself in a place where he was being tormented in  hell, and he looked up and saw God and he begged GOD to give him a second chance to come back here on earth and prepare well but there is always not a second chance, this is how most of us will be when we die.

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I won't say am a religious person, but i'll definitely pass for someone who belongs to a religion. However, it doesn't take a religious person to believe in life after death. I think the right word in religion is resurrection.

According to the two major religions, Islam and Christianity, resurrection is when the dead gets risen again to face judgment. Hence, it's completely upright for a religious person to believe in life after death as both religion clearly shares the same view on the subject.
Asides religion, many other school of thoughts have brought forth theories on the subject of life after death. Although most of these theories do not align with religious views, they tend to all believe in the concept of rising again.

Some school of thought term life after death as a process which involves the soul leaving the body behind to continue living, or existing in a world unknown to the living. This theory is quit different from resurrection which is rising the dead again. They further prove this theory by pointing at ghosts which is evidently the soul of a dead person. This theory is widely rejected because most people do not even believe in the existence of ghost which is the primary prove to the theory.

On a more radical thought, another theory puts life after death as a form of reincarnation. Although a lot of people have come forward with compelling stories which proves they were reincarnated, this theory still lacks basis as no one knows for sure if those people were actually reincarnated, or they just happen to have and share certain memories of a former living person. Think of it like a cluster, or an interferance betwenn radio active gadgets. But yet, humans are not brought to life through a programmed pricess. So maybe there's a possibility of reincarnation. Another problem with this theory is that, if every human gets reincarnated after living a previous life, then majority of living humans should have some type of memories from our previous past. And like I said earlier, although a few people have come forward with such memories which were actually comfirmed, it's still a bit sketchy as very little percentage of people have had this experiences.

Anyawyas, which ever way you look at it, life after death is a possibility in my opinion. There has to be something after death.
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I'm a Christian and I don't believe in any other life after death. I know there's diverse views out there about this but I want to be believe what the holy book says after death comes judgement. After death I think the dead stand before the judgement throne and get judged by God which will then enable the person to either be in heaven or in hell.
When once someone's dies, apparently the person spirit or soul leaves the body straight to God and what remains is just a lifeless house which is the body or flesh which will be buried and this goes to Oblivion. The dead knows nothing and it's remains that way for forever.
So from my understanding there's absolutely no life after death. We faced judgement and get to be in either heaven or hell.
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I am not a religious person nor believe in after life. After we die we will face judgment by God which   will be in heaven or in hell. Some other religion belief that there is life after death, some even believe that there is reincarnation after death. What was I thought when I was a kid that you can reincarnate your soul whatever animal you choose or any person you want to be. But this is just a theory by many. When I was in second grade one of subject teaches us about religion and about Jesus the savior. It teaches us that after death our spirit maybe in heaven if you do good deeds while on earth or in hell if you are bad person. That is the reason behind too why there are ghost because the ghost are the people who cannot passed after death to the other dimension.
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This is something that we are being taught in the doctrine about how we can be able to handle the things that comes to us after life. There is something that I have really understood and that is the fact that as Christians, we should always think of how life can be after we are dead. The only thing that the scriptures made us to understand is that once someone is dead, the body is here while the soul goes up to face judgement.

The judgement is something that we are sure that after the person has faced it, they can now talk about getting to face the God of gods and the Lord of lords. As someone that is still living, I believe that what is necessary is for us to keep doing what is fine and good and not for us to think of the things that we should do not to live right.
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The two major religions which are Islam and Christianity admonish their followers on the need to worship their God in the right,  deffinitely if every one believe that there is God off course such person should belive that there is life after death which is when you give account of your stewardship while you were on earth.
There won't be any need to worship any God if there is no life after death.  Life after death is super natural and extra ordinary existence that God has described in the Holy,  those who have served the almighty God in the right direction will live in the paradise forever and enjoy every moment while those who have gone astray will live the hell forever except God forgives them.
If you don't belong to any religion you may find it difficult to understand life after death.

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