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Are you very cautious about how much you spend in a day or do you just spend at will? 

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Yes, I am very much aware how I spend during the day. But, I don't spend everyday though, I don't work and I don't have weekly earnings or monthly earnings. I spend cautiously and remind myself most of the tome I don't need to spend. We have weekly budget for our daily foods and needs at home and I received money from government weekly basis under $100 a week. I only spend that money for kids toys or clothing, sometimes for myself too. I roughly spend in a week out of the money I received maybe $50 and I can save the rest. But, sometimes if I buy something needed or something needed almost nothing left in my bank. So, now I am trying not to spend especially if not necessary, sometimes I will tempted to buy some sweets food down the bakery when my kids and I take for a walk.
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I'm always cautious of how much I spend daily because I really love to save for the rainy day. We can't predict what might come up tomorrow and it will need us being financially bouyant to tackle it and as such spending today should be heavily minimized. There are days I try not to spend money, I have 1-2 no spending days per week and I try very much not to spend. So averagely I could spend between $10-20 daily and most depends on how important and necessary that this. Though I spend mostly on food and groceries.
Conservation is very important in our day to day spending if we really have to live above debt, borrowing and lack but at the same time I try to draw the line too so as not to be a miser and end up hurting my self and family too.

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