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Saving money is very important. For those that are in the habit of saving money always, how much do you save in a day? 

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I am a spender type of a person and I want to change it desperately. And sometimes I wish I don't need to spend to anything but I can't avoid especially if for my children. I don not earn and I spend what I have in my bank given from government. Only my partner who is working for the family that is why I am looking most of the time online for an extra to spend for myself needs. Because I don't want to spend my partner's income for my personal needs unless it's from the government because that is just a bonus for us. I can save out from the money I receive every week half of it sometimes all of it if I really discipline myself not to spend. I'm happy to save $5 or more in a day and hopefully I can do this soon as I can. It's too hard though if you only earning small amount online and you needed more to spend on something, its negative most of the time.
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Saving is one good thing I do for myself because I just like to be addicted to making money and saving too. I try to even buy from stores that I get discounts or rebates from .All these can add up to save money even taking more miles to buy from a cheaper place isn't a bad idea at all.

I used to have a piggy box before now when I was much younger years back and be dropping some change daily in it but had long stopped it maybe I would have to start it again. Now I saved my money randomly anytime I make money which can be from 10-20%. I could say i save daily by going to stores that can help me save money and going for stuff that are cost help me save some dimes.

Saving has always be a serious deal for me and it will remain same for me.
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It is very to money while you are working on into business so that you can easily utilize when the need warrant.
In my opinion it is not easy for me to save money every because the nature of the job I do is not where I get money daily,  I am been paid monthly and from the amount i save very reasonable amount of money monthly though it is not fixed amount.
Those who are into business could make savings daily since their sales are daily and continuous especially if you are engaged in selling daily domestic materials.

The easiest way to save money without stress is to join cooperative societies where  you will deposit and it is kept safely.
Those who refuses to safe on the raining may find life difficult but if you save for future it more like ticket .

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