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This question can be answered by anyone. Yet a person who has had a relationship with a foreigner may have special insights. Thanks. 

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Having a preference for any human be it a man or a woman to be is strictly an individual choice  and people chose their partners in a relationship based on their personal choices which might be a normal thing or just superficial.

I don't know the statistics of American men that goes for foreign if it really in the increase. But from observation I think generally men going for foreign wifes or women could just be about the specs of those women. Maybe they might like their physical body's structure, like them being sexy, glamourous and elegance.
Some may just be about wanting a woman from a particular country, maybe the man is having the intention of moving that way some day. There can be diverse interest which can prompt them to go for foreign women.
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answered by ELITE (3,663 points) 7 14 56
I have knew a few friends who, their partner are foreigners. It is not just American people who have foreigner wife or husband, but also from other part of the world. I myself have a foreigner husband too. Every people has their own reason why they choose to have a foreign partners. Personally, I choose to have a foreigner husband because I don't seem to be attractive to my fellow or they don't attractive me. I choose the life I have now because I wanted it. Some says it is because the man is rich that is why they grab it, but for me no. My husband is not rich and we only the same people who work hard to live day by day living in a different world, culture, color of the skin, and the language we spoken. Others will reason out just because they like the culture of their wife or husband, how they took care and how compassionate they are to their family and love ones.
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Going for foreign brides is not limited to americans.Men from other countries also go for foreign women and the reason range from the fact that they want to experience new culture to maybe they are just attracted to them.

I made some research trying to find answers to why Americans love foreign women.

Some answers given by some Americans are thus"Foreign women treat us better,they respect us,they appreciate the affection we show them, and acknowledge our effort to provide a better life."

The truth is that a huge percentage of american women are selfish,filthy,insecure,needy,psychotic and have the ability to conceal those traits during the dating phase.White "career" american chicks are at the bottom of the barrel ,marriage wise.

Foreign women from south america,eastern Europe, and Asia are at the top.Only successful guys who travel a lot find this type of women.

Foreign born women living in the USA are the next best.They marry early..they are highly sought after by American men for their wifely skills.

Any woman who has the any ability to be a wife is better than an average american girl who knows nothing about being a wife.

Bottom of the barrel.. White american chicks..Sucks

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Whether the husbands or wives are foreign or not, love is global it can happrn to anyone anywhere in the world. I believe so long as there is a connection between two people, a bond is always there. For foreign men looking for women outside their culture is something that has drawn interest for a while now. There are many reasons why they go for foreign women. Myths have also taken center stage nowadays. They say black if i can use that example they can also be white or caucasian any can do. It's said that blacks are more humble, they are agressive, go getters, beautiful, they are more trusting and so on. You can correct me on this one am just going by what is said out there and what i have also experienced so don't judge me. It's probably those things that make them get recognized more.

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