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Hiking which is a long distance walk which is done on trails can be a pleasant way of exercising and burning some good amount of calories. I will like to go on hiking someday but for now I just do my normal walking on a shorter route. But hiking is a cardio exercise that will be very helpful to me with weight loss and others that will need to lose weight too because it's one exercise that can help burn so much calories.
Another good thing about hiking is the strength it's give the users ,one is sure of having good bone density, muscle will be built too and there will boost of strength in the hamstrings and quadriceps.
Hiking also help boost the health of the body. With it one can be sure of reduced heart diseases and high blood pressure.
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I do like hiking,because it helps me to feel very relaxed and enjoy the company of my friends and family,visiting beautiful places.I have read about hiking,that it is scientifically proved,that hiking has a positive effect on our body and mind.Hiking can help to get rid of the stress,to enjoy the time spent in nature,not to think about everyday's things,like our work,things we have to solve etc.

After hiking I feel full of energy and I can start a new week with new energy and force.I can hardly wait,for my family and friends to organize this type of event, and to do hiking again together.At first I was not very excited about this hiking idea,and was very reluctant to accept it,when I was invited by my friends to do hiking,but now I am glad that I started to do this type of activity in free air and I do enjoy every minute of it.
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This is the exciting experience that I have been looking forward to having. Hiking is one of the best ways that you can feel belonged in the community that you are staying since it is only some few persons that can be able to do it. I have always seen this friend that is involved in hiking and I must confess that it has been with the stories that he always tell me about how it has been a great journey for him.
One thing that I also feel that hiking can help one to achieve is that you are going to build your endurance level by being part of this which can help in series of decisions that we make in life. While I am planning to work out ways that I can make this to come, I feel that it is really a nice move for anyone that is looking at getting the best out of everything that they do as regards getting to socialise around the neighborhood.
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