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I tutor kids. I want to know of techniques to make them read fast and comprehend what they read too. She is 6 years old
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I would advise you to start with the basis for her to have a good foundation in the language. 

Let her master reading all the alphabets and start improving on that. 

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I am not a teacher nor good teaching someone, you need a lot of patient for your student. Some children easily learn how to read and some are not. For some children that does not learn easily it may take a while and you have to spend a lot of patient.
You may start teaching them to recognized the sounds; like a e i o u and use every letter and words with it. Give an example with all the vowels and phonetic words. Then you can start with sentence and then proceed to Paragraphs. You may ask your student to repeat after you and then let her read the whole paragraphs. Then, if your student can do this activities, praise her and you can do it repeatedly. Just reminder that children may sometimes find it not interested but hang on, it will take for a little while. You may used a book of an interesting stories so your student having fun reading too.
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I did teach during my National youth service Corp year and I can tell you for free that nothing can be gained from rushing a kid when it comes to learning. Kids play and learn and teachers should always adopt this style while the work on being very patient. It one thing to have impacting skill but another thing is to be patient with it.

I had to learn this skill to be able to impart effectively.most times why teachers failed to impart on the students is lack of patience,this is applicable to all all subjects.So for making a child begin to read is to start by reading the words out and making the child repeat it as many times as possible.
You could be pointing  out the words still the child can recognize it and know what it is called. So get to work.
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Teaching English language lessons to children is quite easy if they are born as English. What I mean by this is that if English language is their mother language, it's going to be very easy to teach them how to read and write English language without any stress.
My little children took to learning English language very quickly with ease even though English language is not their mother language, they picked it up easily because we made it a point of duty to only speak English language to them when we were at home.
Technology has made a lot of things very easy today with the kind of education learning software videos that can be used to assist these children with their learning experience. There are some online learning programs that can be used as well.

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