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The month of December is one that always give us some good ways that we can get to meet some people that we have missed for so long. This Christmas period is one that I am sure that lots of people will definitely have a good time with the people that they have not seen for so long. I am looking at ways that I will travel for the Christmas period and enjoy myself in the village.

The village is one that I have missed so much. I mean it has been long when I saw my grandma and getting to see her since my grandpa is not alive again is a good thing that I won't like to miss. God has also been faithful to our people that even in our sinful ways, he kept us alive for the duration of the year. Also, the cool weather in the village is another thing that I will look to enjoy as well.
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Exactly! After working all throughout the long year staying in the city, Christmas holidays is definitely the time for village going and spending time with family and friends. 
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From January to December 20th every year, I spend most of my time in living in the city simply because of my work, as I left the rural area to the city in search of a greener pasture. So, practically don't have any choice but to live in the city and work till December when we have the opportunity to go on holidays vacation till the first week of January in the following year.
So, it's not even a debate on where I'm going to be spending my Christmas holidays because it's always going to be with my family in the rural setting of my hometown where my grandparents are living. I basically have to travel with my own family down to the village and spend good and quality time with my family and friends. Seriously, I always look forward to every Christmas because it's a great time in the year when I get to enjoy my family.
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I'm thinking of spending my Christmas with my family in my home town it being long we visited my paternal home and the kids aren't familiar with their paternal home so we will be spending this holiday there and make the kids meet the other members of the extended family that will be there.

I know we will be having the best of time there since there's the tradition of yearly reunion or get together party so it going to be a period that will characterized with different fun activities that will keep everyone busy and nothing beats festivities in my locality it can be so awesome and colorful.
Again, it been long I really relish my native foods. Our delicacies are very very unique and it takes an olden hands to really prepare them well. So I will  enioy them this time around.

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