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If you are the gaming type of person, you are definitely going to download more than one game if you ever enter into the Google play store application.

There are millions of games available in the application that you can't resist. 

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It's not just applications on Google play store, but the way most applications ads keep popping up on our smartphone devices on daily basis without have any controls or limitations, it keeps making you be forced to download what you don't really have any needs for.
I have a very bad experience with having to download several applications from Google play store even when I have no need for it because the way these applications keeps popping up and once I mistakenly tap on the application ads, it would automatically start downloading immediately.
I have lost so many data to downloading applications from Google play store which I have no need for. If you ever make a mistake of entering into Google play store, you are definitely going download applications you never wanted to.
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I think google play should make strict rules because these app take our resource and data's, and we just uninstall it. 
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I totally agree with you,that is the whole essence of the application,the developers try to make it in a way that it becomes addictive to people, so that many people will have the great cause to check it out and maybe download it immediately to use.

The most apps that are always in greater demand are gaming apps,p peopl are always trying to play new games and as such people are becoming game freaks.

I try not to download more what will be cause I don't want to be addicted to any apps. I run away from any form of addiction because of it's negative vibes.
I can't fault with  those that they can't stay a day without downloading one app or the other. It has become part of them  so they can't just waste their time especially gamers to download games.
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This is true as I have gotten to realize that a whole lot of games are really on play store and the good thing about this is that you are always going to enjoy some good times by being a part of those that download this games. I have been taking a look at how some things work and I must that if one is not careful, you are going to download mobile games to the extent that there won't be space anymore to get some other files.

Another thing about Google Play Store is that you can also be get loads of other interesting apps such as fitness apps that you can make use of when you are trying to build your fitness level. The other time that I checked on the app, I noticed a whole lot of them that I even got confused on the one that I should be getting. However, I think that this is good for the users of Android phones to have a lot of choices to make as regards loads of apps.

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