I want to buy a computer. But i am confused what is better desktop or laptop? please suggest me.
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I do love Laptop because with Desktop, I can transfer it to different areas in the house, with laptop, i can bring it everywhere, in my bed, in the dining room and living room or outside. 
It depends on your purpose if you buy a laptop means it will be easy to carry everywhere. The desktop also good only why because it will come with a large screen and if you are a player you will love the desktop more than the laptop.
Both desktop computers and laptops are good for which ever work they are meant for but choosing one should be determined by the nature of job it's meant to be used for. 
I don't think it would be right to place one above the other, because they both perform similar functions. But there differences in terms of mobility slightly set them apart. If I am forced to choose between the both, I'd definitely go for laptop since I can easily move with it wherever I am going to.

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One of the first thing you must consider is your budget and how much you have to spend on your new computer. Today, they offer many laptops at a very reasonable price. This is great if you are on a tight budget and can't afford a desktop computer. However, you can find that a desktop is great and you can expand the desktop as your budget increases. You can start off with a good model of a desktop and later on add a new graphics card, more memory, and a few extra hard drives for storage. If you've purchased a lower speed process and your motherboard will accept a higher speed process, you can easily upgrade your processor. I own both the desktop and laptop and find out that I use more my desktop because of the keyboard and larger screen. I like the screen size of a desktop versus a laptop and the keyboard on a desktop is easier to use and type on.
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It's upon your purpose. If you are a gamer or designer who use extra graphics cards or high end peripherals a desktop will be nice. For a normal user who is just using his PC for surfing on internet, a laptop is the thing to consider. Should remember that a laptop can be used just like a desktop by connecting an external keyboard and mouse. So if you don't have a specific purpose for a desktop then use a laptop as it is easy to carry where ever you go.
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I prefer Laptop, a well-configured laptop can be used as Desktop by connecting additional keyboard, mouse and wide screen for better view. Need not worry about power failure, you can take this anywhere by disconnecting all additional items.
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For me, i choose desktop. Recently , that is my problem because my youngest child will go to school and she will need a pc or laptop for her homework for a research. Since previously i worked at a Servive Center, i know what will be the problem if i buy laptop, although you can carry laptop anywhere you go but still when the time comes that your laptop have a problem the whole laptop will be checked to find the cause of the problem but in desktop it's easy to identify the problem and what parts will be replace/ fix.
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I suggest you go for a laptop since its portable, stores charge and you can use anywhere and must not be connected to the power as in the case of a desktop.

The only good thing about a desktop is that its very cheap and might be twice or thrice the laptop price. What I hate desktops is, they fully depend on electricity in that, in case the power goes off then your content might get lost in case you hadn't saved.
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