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I have this personal theory that with the rate of advancement in technology, there is a possibility that the government are spying on us with their intelligence agencies.

What do you think? 
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Yes, They have kept their eye on certain things!

And that is necessary!

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The answer to this question ultimately depends on what your definition of spying is. If we are to go by the standard definition of spy, which is referrd to as secretly watching the movements and actions of other people, especially an enemy for ulterior motives, then I'll say that governments do not spy on individuals.

Government activities which revolves around collecting individual informations is aimed at better securing it's citizens by searching and flushing certain individuals which are on a watch list and pose possible immenent threat to the society. Asides from this, i doubt any government has more reasons to spy on it's law abiding citizens are they are not the enemies.

However, there has been many conspiracy theories which are official unconfirmed on government activities revolving around the needless spying of it's citizens. One of such situations was the case with the American whistle blower, Edward Snowden. He came forward with proves of how the government uses illegal surveillance techniques to spy on the public. Although the American government at first denied the accusations, they later claimed the program was aimed at monitoring certain individuals which were believed to pose certain threats to the society.
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I will like to write that nothing is impossible now with the kind of advanced technology we have now, it really possible that anyone including the government can be spying on any target. I will use the word target because any one spying on a person will definitely need something from the person, it could be anything and everything depending on what is the mission of the spy. Yes, government do have their private spies that are given different assignment to accomplished. How did we think some top secrets are leaked and very sacred tops uncovered, it the spies that were put in place to undercover these things.

It pertinent that people should be very careful with this era of sophisticated gadgets and do what is only right and lawful.
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Possibly yes, because Government has all the records of every citizen in each country. However,we don't have enough or legal evidence of this. There might some type of agency that do the job to spy someone for example a suspect or or might involve in any illegal activities. They call themselves spy agent just like the movies we have seen. A secret agent is intent to do the job to spy on someone who is illegally int the country or what so ever. But,I think for us as a normal citizens in the country, they won't spy us not unless if we don't pay tax and we earned big money and we didn't report it to the tax agents. There will be no one will spy us if we don't do things illegally. So,i think we are pretty safe on that side not unless we are guilty of something big crimes we are involved in.
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Yeah, to am extent, I believe that they government has got a level of means that they monitor the activities that is happening in the life of each and every one of their citizens. The thing that we should always take a look at is how the world of technology has developed to that level where we can say that everything that we do now happens on the internet and via phones. You have to send letters which is now known as emails through mobile phones, you makes calls as well through this means and a whole lot of other activities such as social media communication.

This has given the government that opportunity to have access to database of most citizens when they have the wish to do so. With the aid of technology, phone calls can be tracked and this was what we never had in the past as far as I am concerned.

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