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When it comes to the entertainment industry, there is always fiction and non fiction stories. 

Which one do you love most?

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I like to read fiction and non fiction stories as well.I can find in both type of fictions captivating things,but I prefer mostly reading fiction stories.

I like fiction stories,because it takes me out of the every day's life and makes me dream about beautiful things,about a fantasy world,where everything is possible...I think one of  the most famous fiction story is "Harry Potter".It is a series of fiction novels,and has conquered not only children,but adults as well,all over the world.

Reading fiction stories makes me fly and it is a very good feeling,it is like nourishing my soul.Reading fiction stories might not solve things in life,but can bring a smile on my face and help me to be more optimistic about almost everything.
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I'm not sure which one I love the most. They are both interesting when they tell a story. Each in its unique inspiring way. Like there are times when certain things can have impact on you. There are other times when you just feel indifferent about it.

Fictional stories whether in movies or books can open up your mind to possibilities. The world beyond the visible. Even though it is fiction, you learn to be more creative and keep an open mind about the world at large.

Non fiction on the other hand tells you more about life in general. The things you do know and don't know. The world beyond and within your reach. There's so much more in life that we don't know that these stories teach us. Fiction or not, these stories are also great entertainment.
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I don't know if you've noticed, fictional movies have in some ways improve our sense of reasoning towards certain subjects. Though most of the stories are based on possibilities, some how our brain begins to see reasons with such possibilities to a point when the idea eventually becomes a reality in the future.

Take for instance the movie A Trip to the Moon directed by Georges Melies. It was a 1902 sci-fi adventure film inspired by Jules Verne's novel, From Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon. The film follows a group of astronauts who travel to the moon on a cannon propelled capsule to explore the surface of the moon. At the time this movie was released, space travel was merely an idea, a far fatched idea which was termed as impossible given the limited knowledge and technology at the time. But the movie and others like it helped inspired a work in progress towards the impossible. 66 years later in 1968, NASA's Apollo mission made it a reality. Just like in the movie, three astronauts including Neil Armstrong became the first humans to travel beyond the confines of planet earth and reach the moon. This is just me instance of many other possibilities which fictional movies hinted on and it later became a reality. Hence, I'll like state that science fiction when played right I more like a vision of the what's to come in the distant future. 

Going back to the question, i'll say fiction all the way. Not that I don't like or watch non-fiction movies, I jut feel fictional stories are more thrilling. Watching science fiction movies is my way of seeing how creative the human mind can be, the extent to which sound reasoning is brought to life. I mean, it takes a very creative and imaginative mind to come up with mind blowing science fiction movies. This only shows that the human mind is relentless and can be used to achieve way more than it's average use. 

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1. How to read?

Reading with great interest, simply is enough to improve your writing ability, vocabulary and knowledge. Anything you read has a piece of Knowledge in it. It is up to you and depends on how determined you are to know and understand each word you read. Some people skim through a book rather that giving it a through read. But I suggest, reading a small paragraph daily by knowing and understanding the meaning of each word is more than enough to develop your language skills.

2. What to read?

Everyone has their own varied interest. Books are available in a large number of genres and apart from that there are a number of poetry,journal, etc. You must decide what you need to read. Think on what interests you the more? Romance, Drama, Classic, Sci-fi, or what ever and start with a simple book on that genere.

3. Fiction vs Non-Fiction

Fiction is simply a story of ones imagination. Starting from the story line to the setting and characters, everything flows out of the authors imagination. When you read a fiction you are simply reading through some ones imagination. That does not mean that the wild imagination does not hold any knowledge. A fiction too requires a lot number of reality in it, in order to be digestible.Eg of a fiction is : The Alchemist br Paulo Coelho ( and it ia a very good to start with.)

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Well,I personally love the two sides of the coin both friction and nonfriction stories because while one is really entertaining the other gives one some truth and facts. But it seem we have more of frictional stories and  it written in a way that it more addicting and interesting to the readers.
If I'm to choose I will go with the frictional stories because it will help one relish the beauty of a story and learn to appreciate creativity and makes one even think creatively. Frictional stories are really entertaining and help one to relax after a hard day's work it's one thing one can really do, you read a frictional book like a novel to kill boredom. Writers of frictional books make good money since people will always want to buy them especially the interesting ones.
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I honestly prefer fictional stories over non-fiction, since, personally, the whole point of reading literature is to get away from reality and go traipsing in another world. I read so that I can jump into different fantasy worlds or experience story lines that wouldn't otherwise happen in real life. Non-fiction kind of takes this away form me. Furthermore, there's only so much that can happen in a non-fiction book - besides, non-fiction accounts of events have already occurred and cannot be altered for the sake of creativity. However, sometimes it's good to take walk around in someone else's shoes and hear about humanity's best moments in non-fiction stories. Both are important - I just prefer fiction over non-fiction for the creative liberties and freedoms.

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