If you have ever fasted for once, you are definitely going to be well aware of what hunger pangs is all about.

How do you cope with it? 
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Hunger pangs is  imminent on fasting days and days we don't have food in the house. I personally take a lot of water when I get hungry it might not be hunger even sometimes it might just be thirst so I drink water first to ascertain if I'm really hungry.

To curb hunger pangs it good to consume fibrous foods because it will keep one full for a very long time .

Hunger pangs can be curbed with taking some coffee or tea since it almost like water it will really fill one up  and help reduce whatever triggers hunger.

Switching mind entirely away from food can be very helpful,the bet is finding one is passionate about to do,this will keep one very busy and push hunger pangs out of us.

Don't spend  much time on where food is prepared because sighting foods and perceiving nice aroma. This can be really appealing.
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I fast regularly for health reasons. When you fast you are sure to get hunger pangs. Research has proved that when you forcefully try to stop thinking about something it is the top most thing on your mind. So when you fast you tend to think a lot about food.

There are a few ways to tide over this terrible thing called hunger pangs. Firstly we need to understand that hunger is a feeling that is activated by the body clock, since we are used to eating at regular intervals our body demands food at the set time. It is not real hunger or starvation.

You can turn your focus on things that keep you busy. Get away from food as far as possible - physical distance helps.

Set goals for the work you do and try to achieve it- make food your reward. Eat only when you reach your goals.

Make sure your previous meal is something that is heavy and digests slowly ( this doesn't mean you over eat)  - eating meat and loads of fiber helps.

Keep yourself hydrated - drinks lots of water, If you are fasting for health reasons do not drink aerated drinks or sugary drinks, Water is the best.

Try not to eat sugary foods before fasting - the extra calories get stored away as fat and you get hungry too soon.

Practice self discipline. This will help you not only with your fast but also in life.
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The truth about hunger is that we are all programmed to think of hunger as a linear experience which will get worse if we don't address it..although hunger pangs may mean your body needs something..the "Eat Now" signal may also be triggered by many factors,not all of them legitimate indicators of your body"s need for fuel.

Funny enough,just the thought that I might get hungry may trigger *preventive eating"..which means we take in calories we don't need so as to prevent the slightest hunger pang.

Just learn to experience hunger as another sensation,You can learn to observe it,measure it on a scale of 1 to 10,asses our level of discomfort and so on.What may surprise you is that hunger comes and goes.Sometimes, a glass of water takes hunger away for an hour.Other times,you may get distracted and forget you have not eaten.

You may want to know your tolerance level by  skipping a meal and finding out how you feel afterwards.You will discover that hunger is not fatal.If you doubt that you may resist temptation, then bring in healthy snacks and if the hunger is intolerable, eat the snacks!
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Hunger pangs can be intentional or unintentional. With this i mean, you could be experiencing hunger pangs for two reasons, one being your fasting or the second where you would like to eat but you have nothing to put in your mouth, On the first one, you have deliberately stopped eating, it could be for a few hours or for days. When you do this, you can control your hunger pangs by simply avoiding anything that will remind you that you are hungry or anything that looks like food. When you avoid this two scenarios, then you are not likely to have hunger pangs. While you do that, you have to pray and keep yourself busy, otherwise you will end up eating. The other one it's because you havve no food, the best way is to stay away from any kind of drink because that will make you hungry! drink if you are sure that you will get something to eat later. NOTE: liquids make you more hungry.
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