Do you think the government are using tax payers money well? - Answeree
Embezzlement of fund is one thing that is very common with all government. 

It's like a cancer in the political sector and I'm not sure if it's ever going to be possible to eliminate.
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They might use it well in other countries which I presume they do but for my country it really saddening. Embezzlement of funds is the order of the day and it seem it wouldn't be stopped anytime soon. Look at the fore coming election the same thieves are coming back to power and to loot the treasury meant for everyone stealing us blind.

I wish they were even humane enough to use even 1/3 of what they steal for social amenities like health care and security. No they prefer to use it for frivolities and travelling abroad to treat common cough while the whole nation lives in penury.

I always look out for election day to vote non performing leaders I wish others will do same so that our collective effort will help steer the ship in the right direction.
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A tax is a compulsory financial charge or stipulated amount of payment imposed upon an individual or entity by a government organization or institution in order to fund various public expenditures. Tax is simply a huge revenue base for every government and when expended properly, it can really make a difference.

Going back to the question, i think your answer lies with the government in question. I took the time to go through your profile before answering this question. I see you're from Nigeria. Am afraid to say this, but the honest truth is that tax payer system is unfortunately not used properly in Nigeria.

Although Nigeria is ranked as number one economy in Africa and 23rd in the world with a GDP of $ 1.169 trillion, Nigeria is still ranked 129 economy per capital putting the country as one of the poorest in the world. With a GDP as that of Nigeria, you won't expect the later ranking. This is because Nigeria has a bad reputation for putting the wrong leaders in charge of public affairs and funds. Ever since our independence in 1960, Nigeria has continued to experience constant breach of trust by our leaders. Billions of dollars are looted on a regular basis, tax payer money included.

It is reported that Nigeria generates over $25 billion dollars from taxes every year. But untill the recent government which came into power in 2015, most of the previously generated revenues for taxes are unaccounted. More than 60% of citizens lack the basic amenities of life. They have bad roads, lack proper water system and live with constant power outage, all of which tax payer system is suppose to provide. So yes, tax payer system is not used as it should be in Nigeria.
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There is this thing that I have always looked at when we talk of taxation and it is all about how we are able to handle some kind of things that happen when the people in power starts misusing the funds. As far as I am concerned, there is need for us to understand that it is compulsory for every one that is staying in a country who is is working and earning to pay tax. This is a fact that we should try to come to terms with and work out ways to ensure that we are faithful to that goal.

However, I think we should hold those that are in the top powers to focus on doing what is good as regards the way that they make use of the tax payers money. Few years ago, there was an issue with the minister of taxation in our country getting involved in some money misappropriation and it was really embarrassing that it happened then.

Let's always work out ways to ensure that the money that we pay via tax is well accounted for.
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