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PayPal and Skrill are two major online payment processor for sending and receiving money online.

Between the two, which one do you prefer to do business with and which do you think is more better and trustworthy?

PayPal or Skrill? 
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I never encounter skrill yet so, I will prefer Paypal because I'm already used to it.
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As a Nigerian,their is a limit to what you can use PayPal for e.g you cannot withdraw from your pay pal account .You can only use it to buy things online and since skrill allows us to withdraw our earnings, then I will go for skrill

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I know more about paypal than Skrill though I have never used it because most of my earning sites used PayPal but I have read Skrill reviews from different authors and I can say for a fact that PayPal is secured and safe to a very large extent. Buyers doesn't have to really worry about refunds because one just need to report and make a charge back to get a refund.
Creating a PayPal account is free and very easy and very simple to operate. One just need another PayPal email to send money and this is done in a split second, no need filling out ones personal information before sending and receiving money.
Another good thing about PayPal is that one can buy from most online sites with it's funds unlike Skrill. Though one should still be careful of fraudsters.
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I could have said PayPal. Being that it is the the most widely accepted payment processor online. The charges are fair, it is very secure and the leading online payment processor worldwide.

Skrill however is a fair competition. There are other processors like payoneer, webmoney etc but skrill is a good choice too. The fees are better and there are many features and options. The last I learned is how you can send and receive crypto currency.

I choose skrill because due to the limitations PayPal has set on my country, skrill is more suitable for me. With skrill, I can always send and receive from any part of the world as long as you own a skrill account. Just like PayPal, you only need a valid email address. PayPal doesn't let me receive funds.
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PayPal and Skrill payment system are very good ones and reliable so far though PayPal is more popular and mostly used by many site owners.
The preferences of either of these two payments depends on the charges, eligibility,  limitations and how fast funds are sent and transfer to individual local bank account.
Base on the criterias mentioned I will go for Skrill because it is available in my country without any limitation unlike PayPal that only allow us to send money but not allow to received.
The transaction charges are not bad one especially if you are withdrawing higher amount of funds from rewarding site.
With Skrill I can link my local bank to it such that funds can be transferred to my account directly without stress.
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Paypal is probably the oldest and most popular online payment system in the world. It is widely accepted and used due it's reliability and security which comes from many years of operations. Drawing from this, you'd expect me to choose paypal as my preferred means of online payment. But unfortunately, paypal is my least choice when it comes to online payment. This is because am yet to experience the full benefits of having to use to paypal account. Am from a PayPal restricted country, which means I have limited access to paypal services. I can only make payments with PayPal. Hence, it's most likely for me to pick a different payment processor as my preferred mean of online transactions.

Skrill on the other hand is quiet new compared to paypal. But from my personal experience, I think skrill is a strong contender when it comes to online payments. Their services are fast, reliable and easy to use. Almost every country is allowed on skrill with full benefits of their services which are way less expensive than that of paypal. I've used skrill a couple of times and I haven't any cause to complain. Hence, i'll like to state that skrill is my preferred choice of payment over PayPal.

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