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Being a police officer is a very good job in my opinion. 

Personally, I love seeing people in uniform. 

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Being a police officer is really an awesome can't be a bad experience at all trying to maintain peace and order in the society. Humans or mortals are complicated beings so they will need one helping to maintain lawfulness every now and then. So if I'm opportuned to help put humans in order then it will be a great achievement for me.

Humans need checks and balances and the police officers are just the appropriate people to carry out the task to the latter.

I had thought about joining the force and joining the police was also on my mind but as they say the body is willing but the mind is weak, it got to a point I lose the urge totally. Was nursing how to be a chartered accountant though I'm done with degree I'm still yet to be chartered. All the same would have still wants to be a police officer.
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Not even once in the world did I ever dream of becoming a police officer. Although I've always admired female detectives that I see in movies. Becoming a police officer for me would have been in my own country. However, the image that police officers have is not very pleasing at all.

To be honest, it is a relegated part of the force. Maybe this is due to level of corruption and ignorance within the system. The police force lacks the respect and trust from citizens. It is the reason I do not fancy being a police officer at all.I'd rather not become a part that party.

The police force is meant to be something admirable. Of order and integrity like other countries.I would like to see more of that. That way, they can buy the love, trust and interest of the people.
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The work of a security agent is one of those that I can really say that it is pretty difficult for me to do. To be honest with you, I don't fancy this type of work no matter how much that they are going to pay me on a monthly basis and it is because of the high risk that those officers face on a daily basis. For instance, you can't walk freely on the road when you are putting on a police uniform since lots of people will be careful to have any dealings with you.

Another thing that is we should put into consideration is the risk of life that one face when on duty. As a police officer, there is always that risk of being killed while on duty since those that you are fighting against are criminals that handle guns and ammunition like you. So, I feel that every day of their work is all about risk and this is something that I won't get involved in.
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If you ever have the feeling like it's your duty to make things right and always do the right thing at all times, then taking up a police profession is most likely your calling. Being a police officer is something very good because you would be charged with the duty of protection of the lives of all the citizens of the country or state that your jurisdiction covers and also the government property as well as upholding the state laws.

With the rate of crime being carried out all over the world, it's my belief that more people are required to be enrolled into police force in order to help quell the crime increase in the state.
Personally, I really don't mind being a police officer but my parents especially my mother is completely against it because of the risks of loss of life associated with becoming a police officer. So many police officers have died on duty and I do understand her fears.

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