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1.Click Wallet at the top of the page.

2.Click + Link a card or bank on the left side of the page.

3.Click Link a debit or credit card.

4.Fill in your card details and click Link Card.

In some cases, in order to ensure you' re the card owner, we may ask you to confirm your card. If you see a "confirm credit card" link in the card details section of your PayPal Wallet, you'II need to confirm your card before you can use it with PayPal. If you don't see this link, you can begin using your card right away. 

Seeing an error message when trying to link your card?

View some troubleshooting tips for linking a card.


*If you don't act to confirm your card by entering in the 4-digit code (or your card cannot be confirmed), the charge will be refunded 75 (60 days in Brazil) days from the date of the charge. Based on certain jurisdictions (such as Brazil), the credit may not actually post to your card up to 30 additional days.

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Paypal is a reputable online payment system which is often ranked as number in the line of it's operations. It is probably the oldest online payment system and preferred by majority of online payment users due to it's reliability and security reasons. It's quiet simply to open an account, after which an account holder gets the option of linking their local accounts and debit or credit cards in order to facilitate transfers.
Hence, linking a card is a too priority if a user wants to make money transfers possible between their local accounts and paypal account. Linking a cradle with a paypal account is also quiet easy if you follow the simple steps involved in the process. All you need to do is log in to the paypal account. Search and click on the menu tab. A drop down menu will be displayed with various options. Click on my account and find and click on link card. After clicking on it, a new page will display requesting you to fill all the necessary fields in order to finish the process. Just follow the instruction and your card will be linked in minutes.
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PayPal as you might be familier with, provide an easy way to send and receive payment online. Most third party merchant support PayPal payments. The benefit PayPal actually provides is that; you can send and receive fund from others wwithout giving away your bank information to them. So, online payments may be carried out in many ways. Individual transactions are usually done or carried out after authorization via a secure portals.for example; verified by visa or MasterCard securecode. Your is authorized every time you carry ou6 such transaction.
Here are steps to follow; 1. Login to your PayPal account. 2. Click wallet at the top of the page. 3. Click link payment method and select a credit or debit card. 4. Fill in your details and follow theththe onscreen instruction to register your card.

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