When i finally get to the point that I feel that I am ready to socialise with people who may or may not be sober, I face this question, "Do I want to go to happy hour?" Anticipating the changes I will face after leaving recovery rehabs.

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The answer is simple as ABC. If you've recovered from a certain addictive behaviour, it's not wise to go to the same spot where there might be temptation for a relapse. The truth is, the person just have to avoid any form of activity that would lead to the triggering of the thoughts of what one has engaged in the past.
Whether the social gathering is called happy hour or over the moon hour, the person must strive with every fiber of his being to abstain from such environment. No matter the pressure mounting from his friends to do the contrary to his will, must be resiliently declined. Because yielding to the temptation can turn out regretful, because the event might just be an end to his sobriety, and a beginning to another round of battle for substance addiction.
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This is a very tricky affair considering that this is a person who has just recovered from an addiction. First of all, it depends on the will of an individual. Addiction is a strong habit to break, for lack of a better word. From the begining it takes a lot of nerve to accept that you have a problem, then it comes to the point where you have to accept that you need help for that problem. The next thing is accepting to join a group where you need to admit to other people that you are an addict. When all that is done then you start reharb, does that sound like an easy thing to do? I guess not. Anyway to answer your question i think an addict can brace happy hour yes, but it takes a lot of discipline to be able to restrict yourself. This may not be easy at all, there is a lot of temptation there and its very easy for one to bounce right back from where they left. I would suggest to a recovering addict to stay away from anything that would trigger the addiction, if they truly want to change that's the best thing they would do for themselves, unless they really don't care about their lively hood.
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