I actually experienced difficulty in linking my debit card with my PayPal account. And I was asked to contact my bank for help, and when I did a customer service agent told me is impossible to link a debit card to PayPal account except credit card. How true is this? And who has his/her debit card linked to his/her PayPal account?
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I have an euro account and it's a debit card that I used to link my PayPal account to the euro account and it worked perfectly fine. 
If I may ask, the debit card is in which form of currency? Because I was told one can't link PayPal account with debit card having different currency from one in the account. That the debit card account currency must be same with that of the PayPal account.
It's a domicilary euro account that I used the debit card to the account and linked my PayPal account with it.

It worked perfectly fine for me. 

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One thing that I am sure about PayPal is the fact that they are one of the best international money transaction company that we have out there. This is to say that as a mode of operation, they always take decisions that they believe that it is going to work fine for their customers.

When it comes to linking up cards to the user account, I believe that it is always the credit cards that are allowed and the reason they said is is to reduce some situations with unnecessarily charges by the bank that you are going to withdraw your funds to. I make use of debit cards for most of my day-to-day transactions and the charges that I get on a monthly basis is somehow.

I think this was what the management of PayPal looked at before deciding that it is not cool to allow users to link their debit cards to their accounts.
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I have notice that one too, you cannot do anything with Paypal accpunt if you don't activate it and activation means need a credit card. i hope they will revise or regulate this soon as possible.
There is something that is worth credit card and that is the fact that it is always a means for one to make payments and buy things. So, I think that there is nothing that can be done about this as regards bringing debit card as part of the plan. 
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That is not true. Any type of card can be linked to a paypal account. Be it debit or credit card, paypal accepts linking them as long as the card is operational and compatible with paypal liking process.

Am not certain which country you're from, but payapl has certain restrictions to some countries which can very well cause limitations to the optimal use of paypal accounts to those who belong to paypal restricted countries. I think this is where your problem lies. Am from Nigeria, and in the past, i use to have my MasterCard debit card linked to my PayPal account untill the restriction was put in olace. The card still worked for a while but later got declined as my bank was no longer in operations with paypal services. But still, there's one or two banks over her that their cards are still allowed on paypal account but only for depositing purposes. Anyways, this is the reason why I don't use PayPal that often because the restriction hinders a lot of services.
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Thanks! How do you intend to get your earnings here withdrawn to your PayPal account since you mentioned PayPal doesn't work in your country?
Paypal is really limited with their services around the world, I wonder what pther legit and trustworthy to use pnline same as Paypal do except these restrictions.
Well, there's service offered here which is called virtual paypal. It's a company that losses with paypal to enable online users like me who don't have a paypal account the opportunity to withdraw their funds. It's like a wallet. You simply sign up with them and you get a paypal account assigned to you. When you make withdrawals using their wallet, your money gets credited immediately to your bank account. 

Like I said before, i don't know whicj country you're from, but am certain you can find a service like this if you do a search. Alternatively, you can also use online exchangers to withdraw funds using paypal. 
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You can link your credit card or visa card or any type of card that can be used to shop online. The debit card is for personal shopping only like withdrawing money to the nearest Atm machine or bank account, and to pay for what you shop at physical stores. However, if you want to withdraw from your Paypal account to your Bank account, you only need the bank account number and not the credit card number. The debit and credit card are not the same because you cannot use the debit card to shop online except physical stores. While Credit card allow you to shop online. Link only your credit card or visa type card,or any other type of credit card to your Paypal if you want to shop online. If not it does not necessary. If you already verified your Paypal, you can remove the credit card link to it and link instead the bank account number for withdrawal purposes only.
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What do you do then if you're trying to link the PayPal account to your bank account, and it keeps telling you, 'we're sorry. We are not able to process your request right now. Please try again later'.
For that you need to contact your bank account and this might be a reason behind it and I remember too that the last digit is not 3 numbers it's only 2, for example 02-xxxx-cxxc-xx instead of 02-xxxx-cxxc-xxx. That mean you need removed the one of the 3 digit, if it is written -087- try to put -87- .
Sorry, I am at a lost here. Which 3-digit are you referring to? If it's the one on the card, that one has completely been ruled out because my debit card is having a currency that's different from that on the PayPal account. What I am after now is how to link a bank account to the PayPal account. Read by last post before this one, and you would see the error it keeps showing every time I try performing the operation.
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PayPal being one of the most used online payment processor for sending and receiving money, they have a lot of rules and regulations that guides how the financial platform is used for so many reasons which is directed to preventing their customers from losing money or getting scammed.
There are so many parts of the world where PayPal services aren't available for the reason of mapping out such part of the world as scam prone areas. So, no matter what people in that country do, they wouldn't be allowed to link either their debit or credit card to their PayPal account.
Now, if you are very sure that PayPal services is available in your country, then I can guarantee you that it's very possible to link both debit and credit cards. Just get a dollar account and use the card to link to your PayPal.
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But i think they havecrestrictions and have different verification in different countries.
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If you want to Link your debit card to your PayPal account you might be adding unnecessary steps or stress. Because, PayPal want to link to your bank anyway, and that's the same account that your debit card pulls from. As as result, you don't need to add your debit card. In fact, most PayPal transactions are cheaper if you link your bank account directly.

But if you if you insist to add your debit card, you need to add it to your profile. To do so, log into your profile, or your account and click on your wallet. Next; find the section to link a card or bank. Meanwhile if you can also add card while a payment is going on.select  "New Card" and choose how you want to be paid. SoSo to link; select the  type of card you're using and provide card detail. Make sure the card us not expired.
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Not all countries accept the use of credit cards especially countries with poor credit ratings, but debit cards are mostly available for these countries. With my paypal account, I have registered my debit card and payments has always been successful without any issue except when I don't have any money in that account. 
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I am residing in India. I have an paypal account and I don't have credit card. I have linked my debit card and bank details to the paypal. So it is not true. You can link your debit card. 
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