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I feel that I am addicted to facebook, whatsapp and imo. Every spare minute that I am getting is used for checking social media apps on my mobile phone. I can't live without it. Even in my work I am checking my phone in every 5 minute or so. How can I relieve from this habit?
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You need to limit your social media activity. Allow an hour to use social media and that's it. If you exceed to one hour, then you will surely become addicted to it. 
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Whatever you do, everything should be in moderation. Too much of everything is good for nothing.
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It's simple as abc. You can be confident that you're human with willpower. And this willpower could either be strong or weak depending on how determined you are to make use of it. You can either decide to strengthen it from being weak to becoming strong or vise versa. But as for your case, I will suggest you make use of your willpower from strengthened perspective. This will help you to be decisive when to be on social media or when you don't want to be. If others can quit any other form of addiction using this method, you can too.
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I overcome mine by concentrating on my daily tasks and thinking of how to complete each task that way my mind is far away from the things that aren't really productive like being on social media. So filled your day with more productive things.
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First, you have to get rid of your gadget and internet and live for a month in forest where you cannot use internet.
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Gone are the days that i spend long hours on on social media.If you are making money on social media,then its worth it but if you are not,then its a total waste of time.

Spending too much time on social media can make you lose focus and mental health.

Some ways to build better digital habit is: turn off notifications on your phone,set alarm specifying how often you can check your phone(when your alarm sounds,spend one minute going through your messages and reset your timer),take distracting applications off your phone screen,you may delete Facebook or twitter applications and relegate to using your phone browser,don't let your phone be the last thing you check at night and first thing you check in the morning..

This few tips should help.
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Social media is a bad addiction and it's very unfortunate that most of us are hooked. Maybe is the whole world was switched off from technology it may work. But anyway i guess it's a choice that you will have to make as an individual no one can make you stop but yourself.

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You are not alone and so many people have the same problem as you do. This is becoming an issue for people around the world. With the age of computers and technology it makes it so easy to fall into these bad habit, but so hard to break them. You are going to have to learn to condition yourself in order to change these habits. Here are a few suggestions that you can try to do that will help you to break a few of your bad habits of picking up your phone and checking it all the time. 

  1. When you are at work, keep your phone in your purse and locked in a desk drawer. If the phone isn't on your dest, it won't be so easy to pick up the phone and check your social media account.
  2. At work limit the time you look at your phone. Only check your social media sites during your breaks or lunch hour. You are at work to do a job and not spend the day on your phone. 
  3. You can speak to one of your friends at work and ask her to help you out. Tell her what is happening and how you need to change this bad habit. If she sees you using your phone or checking the phone during your working hour, ask her to please bring this to your attention so you can stop.
  4. If you are having problems with controlling the urge to check your social media account, maybe you can give your phone to your friend. Ask them to keep the phone while you work and only give you back your phone if an import call is coming in. This way you won't have the phone next to you and you can't reach for the phone and check your account.
  5. When you are at home you need a distraction and a way to stop looking at your phone. You can make a schedule for yourself. List the time and how many minutes you'll allow yourself to check your social media account. You can do this several times a day. Make sure you stick to your schedule and when the time is up, you put down your phone and move on. 
  6. At home don't keep your phone next to you Put your phone on a table or a place that isn't close to you. This will make you get up and move around your home to retrieve your phone. If it isn't time to work or check on your social media account, you'll need to not pick up your phone. This will be hard and tempting, but you need to continue working around your home and not spend your free time on your phone.
  7. Make a list of everything around your home that needs doing. You have neglected to do many things in your home because you don't have time. All your time is spent looking at your phone.
  8. You can always turn off notifications on your apps. This way you won't hear when a new message comes in or a person posts something new. You won't be as tempted to pick up your phone.
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Problems do arise with technology. It is we people who should know or learn to know where to draw the line.
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Hi friend,

Hope you feel very well,

First of all you you need to change your morning routine , awake in the early morning go for walk , spend most time with your family and help them , and sale or off your smart phone and buy a simple phone for just attend calls , after one or two weeks you feels that's a good change in your addiction and you don't need to use smart phone because smart phone is not necessary our life and family is more important than electronics, Try it dear,  my words are not enough to describe its depend on you how can you understand my thoughts,

Thank you
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You need to keep yourself busy by spending much of your time offline like doing some house if you don't mind or maybe watching movies on TV or laptop.

Also you set a time limit whereby you spend some less time in social media then the rest of the hours you spend somewhere else.Within a month with this schedule you'll have adjusted to that system.

Finally you can decide no uninstall the social media apps,Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO just for some days then you Install them although this might sound pretty akward since you're a great addict.
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Yes, I do believe that being busy and doing other things instead of keeping your phone beside you and checking it all the time. I think I managed to stop that kind of addiction by being busy watching korean series. 
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We all are having social media accounts. How can we avoid it? You can avoid it if you leave alone yourself without doing anything in the phone. Just leave your phone alone. Be surrounded with friends and also make a commitment that you dont use your phone for social media for 1 month.Just make another way and forget social media.
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