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Personally, I celebrate Christmas for it's a wonderful time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. 

I also celebrate it to spend good quality time with my family and friends. 
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Great it always a good time to share with friends and immediate family. I just love the period it can be very relaxing. 
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Yes I do celebrate Christmas. Actually this is like Jesus birthday and I celebrate the saviour whom God sent to cleanse us from our sins that mankind made.
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As a kid, my parents used to celebrate Christmas because we were made to understand that Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus.

As I got older,I began to ask questions and the answers I got was not satisfactory enough. So I stopped celebrating Christmas
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Great it worth celebrating our saviour.he has really come to redeem mankind and reconcile us back to God which is great. 
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Well,it about celebrating the birth of Jesus christ So will you mind sharing what you heard, will like to learn about it. 
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When you have no work to do anymore but to go on long Christmas vacation, then it's definitely the right time for you to spend good and relaxing time with your family and friends. 

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If I say that I do not celebrate Christmas, that would not be completely true. I can say that I passively celebrate Christmas. I mean, during Christmas, the people who celebrate become so happy and joyous. So much so that it is contagious. Even though I'm not Christian, the feeling in the air is definitely a wind that touches the skin of everyone.

During Christmas, friends and family come to share their love. They send to me their hampers  food, drinks etc. With all of that, I cannot say that I do not partake in the celebration. Although I do not perform all the customary rites, it is surely a season that I look forward to every year. It is not even just Christmas, it is also a beautiful holiday for everyone to enjoy happy moments.
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This is a period where many people get to share love and happiness with those that are around them and I think that it is a good time to feel at home and celebrate. 
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I think almost every one celebrate the season even non Christians maybe because it always end of the year too.
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Asides from Muslims celebration of small and big Salah like we call it here, new year celebrations, I think Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world. I mean, even non and not devoted christians celebrate christmas.

Am not a Christian so I won't say I celebrate christmas, at least not in the way christians do. Am more like a celebratory neighbor who gets to enjoy in the celebration of Christmas. What I mean is that, people around me, especially neighbors always make certain to involve me and the family in their christmas celebrations by giving out food and other forms of refreshments for our tasting. This kind gesture is so common over here in my country that non-christians sometimes do not bother to cook on that particular day. Since christmas is all about celebrating the life of Christ who showed care and love the whole world, sharing with others on Christmas day potrays the exemplary life of Christ. And since I get to have a share of whatever Christians do on Christmas day, i guess I can say that I celebrate Christmas in a way.
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Yes you do, even taking out time to visit friends is still part of what Christmas is all about. So you do in someway. 
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Christmas holidays is the season of the year that comes only once in a year in the month of December. Christmas signifies to the Christian religious community the birth of of lord and personal savior and the bringer of the salvation of man, so it's pretty much a very important time in the life of every single Christian all over the world.
We would have to condemned to death and suffering in the hell fire if not for the birth of Jesus Christ and his willing death on the cross of calvary for all of our sins. So, whenever it's Christmas time, we all make a great celebration about the birth of our salvation bringer whom we didn't pay anything to come and sacrifice himself for us without asking for anything in return. This is why Christians don't joke with Christmas.
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Yea,it worth celebrating the birth of our salavation bringer. His birth bring us closer to God. 
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Yes, Since we were a kid we always celebrate Christmas. We attend the 16 days mesa de gallio early morning for 16 days until 24th eve of December. We grow up believing Jesus Christ was born on that day and the Jesus is our saviour. The gift giving was inspired by the three Kings who offer a gold a symbol of kingship, myr a symbol of death, and Frankincense a symbol of diety. That is why every Christmas there is Christmas parties and gift exchanging as well as gift giving. I like to celebrate Christmas even now for my children even my partner doesn't understand what is the true meaning of Christmas. For him he doesn't believe Jesus was born. He don't even celebrate birthdays even for our children, not unless I will really insist.  Christmas is a symbol that Jesus was born and we are Gods children.
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Yea,even non Christians celebrate christmas in their own little way direct or indirectly. So everyone celebrate Christmas in a way. 
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True, but really sad that they don't understand tge real meaning of Christmas.

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