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Is there any need for and be paying the person when it a lot cheaper in the local clinics.
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Family doctor is important because he has your medical history and knows what and what to prescribe Apart from that,its much easier for you and your family because if anyone falls ill,your doctor is at your finger tip. The family doctor also closely monitors the family's health and can occasionally carry out tests to know how healthy each family member is. Having a family doctor is a yes for me.
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I totally agree having a family doctor is like having a mobile doctor always at one's beck and call.
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I wouldn't joke with my health and that of my family as well. So, having a family doctor is a constant for me. 

I have maintained one family doctor for about 15 years now and he is very good. 
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Yes, it's important to have a house call doctor for your short-term or long-term health needs. You don't have to wait for a long line for an appointment.

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The essence if history in life is to learn, get guided and mover ahead with the challenges in life.  Family doctor is very important in a family because the doctor makes it very easy to give care to every member of the family.
When it comes to patient management, the family doctor will be the best to give treatment in line with the medical history at his disposal about the entire family.
There are some times that little complains that might just a phone conservation for the doctor to prescribe but if you don't have a family doctor, you won't have option than to go to the hospital but with family doctor just a phone call will solve the problem.
Not very many people are active with routine body check up but if you have a family doctor such things can be done as supposed and long and healthy living will be guaranteed.
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Yea,rregular checks can be very helpful for those with a family doctor. Routine checks is easily done. 
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It is good to have a family doctor. Having a family doctor makes it much more easier. The same person whom you've established a doctor-patient relationship with will have all your medical history. Diagnosis and follow up treatment will be very easy unlike when you change doctors. They have to start over again incase of underlying treatment and illnesses.

Unless you carry your medical history with you, it isn't ideal to keep changing doctors. I think you can still maintain a steady record even with the clinics. They'd have your folder and history intact so it would be very easy to refer back to previous treatment and also make further diagnosis. This is why keeping a medical record is very important to begin with.
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Having a doctor makes having one examined better very easy because the doctor have one history already so working with one will be alot easy.
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It's very important for a particular family to have a family doctor. The necessity of family doctor is based on when the family members have history of a certain ailment. It would be ideal for the family to have a professional medical expert to keep close check on every family member through scheduled periodic check ups conducted on them to ascertain how they are copying with the ailment.
In addition, the family doctor would also be responsible in making prescription and administration of the drugs needed for the treatment of the disease.
Anything short of this, I don't think is necessary for hiring the services of family doctor. If every member of the family is hale and healthy, and they don't fall ill frequently, there won't be need of wasting money for family doctor. In this case, local clinic would be perfect for every family member whenever any of them falls ill.
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It might not need one leaving the home. The doctor will most times visit the home to care for the sick.
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A family can be the doctor from your clinic, these doctor is the one who have all your history of medications. It's not necessary mean a family doctor is only serves for your family and you are paying for it. You can choose your personal doctor and you can ask the receptionist to see the doctor if your choice and then, that doctor can be your personal or family doctor. Some family member will choose different doctor from yours but that's normal. My kids doctor is different from ours, and I like to see different doctors at certain times especially if the I need another opinion. So ut is important to have your personal or family doctor of choice, it doesn't matter where they will serve you; either from your home or you go to visit your doctor at the clinic.
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Yea, especially when children are involved and they really need Medicare a family doctor will be able to care so much for them
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One thing that I have come to notice about everything that we do in life is the need for us to realize that we are there for the best of everything. I was thinking the other day and I came to the conclusion that we need that mentor in every area of our life and that is the same when we are talking about health.

A personal doctor is just like the mentor that we should have in the health line and the work to be done is to always assist us when we are looking at a whole lot of medical checkup for the family, the drugs that is necessary for us to take and the rest of it. There is always that idea that we should always look at how the personal doctor will give us some medical advise that is going to help us medically. It is even cheaper since we are going to be paying some money at the end of the day.
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Definitely they're like a mentor to us,with any medical problem that we need clarification they will be willing to enlighten us too.
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Seriously, I'm going to give you a stern warning when it comes to your health, don't look at saving money by looking at the possibilities of making use of the local clinic or doing self medication and buying over the counter drugs. The reason for telling you all these is that in this life, we all get to live once and die once. There is nothing like a life duplicate at the moment or even human clone. Once you die, it's all over for you, so why would you play with your life and health by seeking the cheap way to treatment of your health problems?
I would like to suggest that you make use all the available resources at your disposal when it comes to treating yourself when you need medical assistance. If you can afford getting a family doctor, it's very important to do so and safeguard your health always.
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I totally agree with you we don't need to compromise our health because of money. We only live once and we need to care for our body perfectly well.

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