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Who else will be my best mate except my partner. We are best of friends and I really cherish our Union,friendship and marriage it like God's gift to both of us. Alot of things I have been able to accomplish is through her help. Nothing beat having a helpful helpmeet because she will always meet you to help out. I know marriages are breaking up daily and it saddens me alot, why people can't just tolerate one another. I think if partners see themselves as friends it will be alot easier to live as lovers and not enemies.
My partner is like the foundation of the home and she makes sure everything goes as expected. I know we have our bad moments but I like the way she still fight to keep us hasn't been easy but it awesome because we still keep it together.
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A friend who defends my name in my absence is truly worth being called my best friend or best mate because he or she can't stand to see me get hurt in any way possible. 
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That's a friend  really indeed . I always want to be s friend that isn't just in need but indeed. This can be very possible if we love another. 
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Seriously, when I call someone my best mate or bestie as we normally put it, it means that such individual holds a very dear position in my life. It's someone that I would be willing to do anything for, someone that I would be willing to go any mile for in order to make the person happy because I'm well aware that he or she would do exactly the same thing or more for me as well.
It's not everyday that you get a great friend who would mean even more to you than the way your immediate family did mean to you. Such a friend is already a friend turned blood brother or a sister because he or she would always be there for you in both good and bad times.
There are some people who pretend to be your friends but they are just parasites to your life and would never add any value to your life.
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Definitely,there are so many parasites turned friend. I know their type and I try to avoid them as soon as I realize that.

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