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Well, looking at how cryptocurrency - Bitcoin is behaving lately, if it falls more in 2019, I'm definitely going to consider investing again in the cryptocurrency. 
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In 2019,I wish to get married and have my own kids.I also wish to switch jobs so as to be able to take up more challenging roles..

I want to dive into so many online business as a side hustle
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That is really a good plan for next year @iamdahmmy, you have to work out for that to get your woman you want to marry.
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Wow, I would like to offer my congratulations to you on the plans on getting married next.

I hope that everything goes well for you as planned. 

Welcome to married life in advance. 

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I see the year of 2019  as the year that I am going to push to get to the top as long as financial liberation is concerned. The year 2018 is one that I made some financial mistakes that I won't want to do when we are talking about enjoying some financial uplift. After the first quarter of 2019, I will be coming out of the compulsory service year that is due for those that have graduated right here in Nigeria. The service year is for a total of twelve months and it has been one that I really enjoyed being part of.

I look forward to getting to understand how I can setup some business empires that I am going to work on and try as much as I can to push up to the things that I want to achieve. As a person, I see the world of business as one that is going to grant one business liberty as long as they push for it.
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You have a great ambitions and that you are working with it to become real.
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I'm trying to put pen to paper and see what will actually work not what I will just want to do. Sometimes why we fail with our plans is the inability to differentiate between superficial thoughts and what's real. We might be thinking of travelling out of the country maybe abroad but we have no saving,no documents to start with but we have plans of travelling,how can that be even possible,so our plans will fail woefully.

So next year I'm planning of completing my accounting certifications and building my consulting firm,I know renting might be alot cheaper but building will be more beneficial in the long run. I will love to work on more profitable sites online maybe freelancing sites and wouldn't forget to get closer to God
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You have a great plans, and that is a good business you want to start with.
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Seriously, I'm going to be very honest with you about how 2018 rushed so fast because I cannot believe that just few months ago we kicked off the year 2018, we are already in the closing session of the year which is December and it's just few weeks remaining before we get ourselves in the new year of 2019.
I'm not sure if I'm prepared well already for the new year of 2019 because it's actually still sudden to me but still I'm supposed to have a plan no matter how sudden I feel the new year is rushing to us and one thing which I have in mind always for the new year of 2019 and every other year that has come and passed is the plan to make more money always without holding back.
So, it's still in my new year of 2019 plans to make more money, seek out better opportunities for making money and taking advantage of them.
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That is true time is so fast and it seems like its just a while ago we celebrated 2018.
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Good question,  we are human and ours wants are unlimited, so for sure I have plans for 2019 but it is very that I pray to God to grant me good health and long life because without these two factors all plans are dead on arrival.
I have the plan that by the grace of God next year to further my education to the next and also to acquire some professional qualifications in computer related courses.
My second source of income offline which is my business,  I have the plan to expand my production capacity and also the marketing strength.
I also wish to acquire more skills on how to make money online by spending very little time daily especially in the area of blogging,  affiliate marketing and Crypto currency trading most especially,  I hope bitcoin makes us smile next year.

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