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I love Brandy Rayana Norwood better known as brandy. Her track "Have you ever "got me through my first heartbreak. As a kid,I grew up listening to her song and their is this element of childish innocence in those songs that thrills us.She also performed a song with,R and B singer Monica which was a huge hit.Brandy also acted in a TV series " Moesha" which aired for six straight seasons. She admires Whitney Houston a lot.In 2003,she released an album which was also a huge hit and she released Afrodasiac in 2004.One of her album got her Grammy Nominations. Although, not much is heard about brandy nowadays, on her Facebook page she regularly updates her fans on her latest tours. She may not be the biggest star but her songs are evergreen and her lyrics devoid of curse words and profanity. Brandy is a legend, an icon enigma

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I don't think I have ever loved any musician dead or alive like I loved the then king of Pop. Michael Jackson ( Wacko Jacko) even in death he is still living on for me. I have lot and lot of his albums and I play some of them every now and then. He was an enigma and really left his foot prints on the sands of time. I couldn't just stopped loving him and his songs even as a child. I so loved his humanitarian side, he taught me too on how to be a cheerful giver. Nothing beat the feelings of helping the next person that genuinely needs help.

His song Heal the world is alwsys on my mind. I wish we can all joined hands to actually healed the world and make it a better place for everyone to live in. It will sure help everyone love and be in peace with one another.

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