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On my own end, it's poor internet connection that is limiting my time on the website and less answering of questions. 

All through yesterday, I couldn't connect to the site and as such I wasn't able to answer any questions. 
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I think the site is not all that popular. I stumbled on the site by pure accident when I was surfing the internet. Another reason might be because their are few active users on the site because the site is not all that popular and the fact that the site is not paying much is enough to make people lose interest. Poor network might be another reason. Also,their are questions I see on the site that I have no knowledge of.I simply skip such questions and go to another one.
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Probably and connection of internet is really frustrating sometimes. I hope the site will be pipular soon as they will launch new site early next year.
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It could be some of the questions are out of our knowledge, we may not know how to answer the question or have no idea about it. Another reason could be there are few members who are mostly active than others thus having few questions.

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Well, it might be a lot of reasons which are best known to the users who are still inactive on the website that is making them not answer or reply to so many questions which are yet to be attended to. Some people might not have the correct answers to some of the questions asked, so they wouldn't be blamed for not having any answers on what they don't have any knowledge on.

Personally, I have come across so many questions on the website which I don't have any clue or knowledge on what answers to give, so I simply skip such questions and save myself the embarrassment of trying to answer on what I don't know.

On the other hand, it might be as a result of having less time to visit the website. We are in December which is a very busy month for everyone, so some people don't have the time to post now.
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Iagree, there so much questions that I have no knowledge at all, and some of them is been there for a long time.
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I know alot of people would have loved to join at least from forum coin site but it seem the deadline is affecting people from joining. Have you forgotten one will not be paid after December 22 so people maybe as looked at it and feel they can't meet up with the deadline so have decided not to work at all but rather wait for the coming year. I'm sure that's the thought of new users that would have loved to joined.

On the other hand those that were active already might have cashout and looking at the minimum cashout might have reasoned that they might not not meet up the next payout with the limited time available so decided to keep calm still the next time the site will be active after December 22. So I think people will be more active next year.
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Surely is, the deadline is near now and Im glad I can make it before the deadline to hit minimum cash out.

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