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In your opinion which of stages in life do you think is more interesting between childhood and adulthood? 
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Permission to say that I loved my playing days more when I was still a teenager. It comes with no pressure unlike what we have as adults. You wake up every day facing new responsibilities to take care of. 
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My childhood was more interesting because as a child,one has nothing to worry about. Your parent provide you with everything(food, cloth,shoes and so on)

Children don't worry about things adults worry about like the economy, next payday,bills, debts and so on

During festive season,children get gifts from parents,neighbours,and so on but as an adult,you worry about how to provide this things for your children, parents, siblings and so on

Childhood is more interesting because you don't worry about where your next meal is coming from. If you fall sick,your parents take care if you but as an adult, you can't afford to be sick because you will foot the bill yourself.

With all this,I prefer to say that childhood is more interesting

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In as much as I love adulthood because of it's freedom to do things and live the way we want it. I think I continue to find childhood more alwsys feels like making money is just what makes adulthood enjoyable. Adulthood limit one's personal joy because we will be more concerned with others Joy. One comes of age and is more interested in making the spouse,children , immediate and extended family happy than his or herself.So enjoyment is lot more limited unlike childhood that another person is thinking of your life and how to better. Alot of petting and pampering from immediate and extended has no bills to worry about and one is sure of eating at approximate time and attendng almost all the children's party. Childhood is more interesting.
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In my opinion, both childhood and adulthood time in our lives are very important. They are practically two different phases in all of our lives that aren't the same thing. It's two different phases where you grow from one into the other. There is no way of getting into adulthood or adult life without passing through childhood. Both the two stages in human life are directly related.
Now, looking at the two options of childhood and adulthood, I would say that it's a lot more easier for people to choose childhood experiences to be better because at that phase in our lives, we are not bothered with any responsibilities since we are completely dependent on our parents to provide for us.
Adult life is fun when you have the means to take care of your responsibility because without having such means available, adult life would be a boring one.
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Many persons will agree with me that the time of our childhood is pretty awesome and exciting. I mean this is the time that you get to enjoy a whole lot of fun and feel okay doing so.

While I was a kid, I had that period where I get to eat almost everything that I want on a daily basis, I get to wear the best clothes when Christmas is coming and getting to feel pretty fine since my parents and uncles and aunts will always be there for me to ensure that I feel happy.

During this time, it was really a good time for me since my parents don't want to see me cry. I also play with the other kids in the neighborhood when I want and that is pretty nice. When you compare this with what happens during the adulthood where we get to feel the pressures of life, then you understand that childhood is better.
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I think pretty much everyone had an exciting childhood if we take out all the exceptions. Childhood is all fun and no worries at all. It is like awakening, realizing, learning and exploring life.
As much as it is a steady transition from childhood to adulthood, the different phases were accompanied by different feelings of emotions, love, joy, sadness etc. I do not think that it compares because we face somewhat different circumstances together with varied reasoning and level of understanding.

What I miss the most about childhood is how care free we were with no pressure and worries at all. Such innocence in my opinion is very priceless. No wonder children are the most valued and treasured. At that time, you can nurture them to be anything and everything.
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That is just the truth,  no worries nor anxiety.  As a child all that is important is play and focus on academic 

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