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At present now social media is the most popular word in the world. I want to know about social media. what is social media? please details....

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Social media is an online place or website where people can interact each other by sharing contents and following people or posts either by being a friend or anything similar to it. eg: facebook, twitter, google plus and of course our too.
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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are social media sites, but social media primarily meant and used to use social media sites to improve traffic to your website and promote products and services there to improve sales/leads.

This is commonly called Social Media Optimization and Marketing. This consists of the integration of social media sites at your website, management of social profiles and respond to users queries there and finally the marketing of products and services there.
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Social media is a platform that brings people all over the world together to share ideas,communicate and for fun as well.Some of the social media sites include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others.

To be able to be connected with people using any of the social media platforms, you need to have internet access.

Through social media you can earn a good income especially through marketing where you place your ads maybe on Facebook and people will buy your products if interested.

There are another advantages of social media like interaction among others.
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social media is where you can communicate with the people online, get some updates all over the world, and also social media nowadays they used it to sell products, they used it for different kind of business. the advantage of having a social media account is you are updated on what happened to the other country because most of the time it is being uploaded or updated first on their page before it broadcast on the news. the other advantage of having a social media is you can easily get connected to your relatives abroad. meet a lot of friends online. but the disadvantage of having a social media is if you don't have a control to yourself that you almost spend your whole day online instead of doing the things that you need to do. 

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