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We are in the harmattan season at the moment and it's causing me serious itches on some part of my body. 

How do I make it to stop?

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Yea, it's that time of the year in Nigeria where cold can highly be experienced and the leaves turns brown and looks very dry. I just like the harmathan  weather maybe because it comes once in a year and one just have to relish it then.
I have never experienced itching during the harmathan season which boils down to individual differences,I think I notuced my itches on the skin when I bathe rain water which I have stopped using it to bath. So for you, you should really find out the root cause of the itches, do you stay bare body which the body might react to the weather then you cover up or you avoid getting out so early I think that's even the harmathan weather is very high. But if it becoming very serious after protecting your body then see a doctor.
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It really frustrating when the weather is keep changing and our body and skin are too. This happen if you are not immune to the weather. If you experience really itching all over your body, try to think if you are using harsh soap and eliminate this one. Use naturally made soap from natural oils especially lavender and tea tree oil. Use moisturizing lotion after having a shower and reminder don't used hot water, this will harm your skin. Use warm water and for the last shower use cold water to close your pores.  Always have moisturizer with you because too mich dry skin can cause irritation and itchy. Avoid chemical products as it may worsen your skin condition. You may soak in oatmeal bath for few minutes, oatmeal's are good for skin problems.

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