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What do you hate most about PayPal? 

Mine is account limitations and not having their services all over the world. 
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I hate the fact that we can't withdraw from our PayPal account in Nigeria. its a serious setback for those involved in one online business or the other
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I must confess i love it for the most time. However i also feel for those countries who cannot use it.

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There's always two sides to a coin good and bad,in as much as PayPal is like the most popular and most used payment gateway that is really safe and secured they also have their bad sides which looks like there's nothing users can do about it. Starting with the issues of high fees deduction it can be so annoying that Everytime someone is send money from his or her earning fees is being deducted even banks don't do this. I can imagine how much PayPal makes daily let alone monthly. And again there will be another deduction if you're sending that same money to a trader or another person.

Alot of people lately are crying about account limitations and one's funds will be in there for another 3-4 months I don't know but this looks wicked.
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I don't really hate Paypal because I have no problem while using their services. The only thing I don't like about Paypal is their withdrawal fee and the minimum amount how much to withdraw. I don't like also that you need to verified your account using credit card, why not just use a valid ID's like passport or drivers license that is enough to verified the account for it's members. Not everyone has credit card most people use debit card.
I have been with Paypal since 2010 I guess but I am inactive with my first account and I created one last 4 years ago so I can use it to receive payment from the survey I have joined. But my first account was not verified, so the payment I have received there I just use it online when I have rent a movie.
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I think that not having their services rendered to most of the countries of the world is something that I don't really enjoy about them. Just taking a good look at their mode of operation, I always feel sad and down that we should always have to find some exchangers from the other parts of the world when we are trying to make some funds from the PayPal account. For instance, those of us that are staying in Nigeria always face this challenge where we can be able to open this PayPal account, use it to pay for goods and services, while we won't be able to use it to withdraw funds to our local accounts.

This type of limitations is something that I don't feel cool about since it is going to mean that we should focus on payments while being unable to access their full services.
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I don't really hate PayPal but I am not happy with PayPal with the way they operate with their strict policies.  No doubt PayPal remain the most used and reliable payment processor used by almost all rewarding sites online.
The different limitation they have against different countries render most people discouraged from working online,  currently PayPal doesn't allow my country to recieve funds but only to send which is not a good one for us because we have to employ the service of third party exchanger to get money in our local currency.
There are some countries that can only recieve but can't send funds while some countries can't do both which is not a good one, the charges for withdrawal is also higher for smaller amount, it will be better if this is reduced or fix on percentages so that everyone will know what to expect.
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As you rightly pointed out. I live in a country where PayPal just came in not too long ago. So the system to get fund across either to send or receive is indeed very difficult. When I started online site works and I was to receive my first pay through BMF site. A friend linked me with a PayPal agent and I communicate him. With a proxy identity.. But I trusted my friend. As a first timer, I was told I'll need to pay less than a dollar through my bank account before my PayPal account can be activated. I went through a lot of stress before I was given the PayPal email and it took days to get the Monet to my bank accoint.
Also,with my experience on the site, I don't really like the limitation in the site which by now it should have gone pass. Another annoying thing is the fact that vpt fund to buy is always fluntuating unreasonably.

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