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What do you hate most about Facebook? 

Mine is constant hacking of users account and some people posting nude on the site. 
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I don't like facebook because of the fact that its getting boring.Thee are so many scammers on Facebook. people also use it as an avenue to throw their latest pictures, their brand new cars.their raunchy pictures in our face. The application itself consume so much data and their chat application is not as efficient as WhatsApp or IMO. people use facebook to share every last,unimportant details of their lives with us not caring wether we want to read those things or not
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I don't hate Facebook because that's how I connected to my family and friends in my own country.

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Hacking of accounts is something that I don't really enjoy when it comes to making use of Facebook. This is something that is really embarrassing when we talk about some things that we do. As far as I  concerned, the interest of the users should be topmost when the owners of Facebook are making plans to strengthen what is going on in the social media site.

There is this story of my female friend that got her account hacked twice in a space of five months and this is something that has to do with clicking on some links. To be honest, I believe that the owners of Facebook should take drastic measures to kicked out some of those fake accounts that are set out to hack the accounts of others as this is a bad omen for the website. Also, they should work on the way that people interact and ban accounts that getting involves in cyberbullying.
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What is hate most about facebook lack of secure 2 factor authentication features on the social media platform which has lead to continuous hacking of members  account,  this has prevented lots of people to be active on facebook not accept friend requests any more on facebook.
I am a victim of this hacking activity by fraudausters,  my friends account was once hacked and the hacker uses the account to chat me and scam me of $35 instantly,  I got know this when I called my friend that I have sent the money to person he asked me to send it,  then he replied that he never ask me to send any body then I realized his account was hacked, I contacted the hacker and he told the he truly hacked because he needed money and no other option.  This hacking has caused lots of heartbreaks to members of facebook.
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I've experienced facebook account hack in the past. I don't know what intention the hacker had, but I guess he/she got disappointed because there's really nothing important to get from my facebook account. The hacker ended up posting several nudes and X videos using my account. It took a little while and effort before I was able to control the situation. I guess this is one part of Facebook I don't like.
Some weeks ago, someone asked a question on facebook with relation to certain account users who go to extremes to seek attention by posting all sorts on their timeline. I guess this is another part of facebook activity that often puts me om the edge. I get that social media is all about attracting people to get their attention as a way of making friends or expanding your audience circle. But some people go to extremes posting things that sometimes are meant to be kept private. It's almost like a competition to see who reveals more about themselves than the other.

A friend of mine once said, in the past people seek advices from close friends in person on private issues like relationships. But nowadays people simply turn to social media to solve their personal issues. My point is, social media platforms have made a fool of majority of us. They control us by being a part of our everyday activity. It takes just a click for the whole world to know what people are upto these days. In doing so, people put their personal security at risk without even knowing it. This is one part of not only facebook, but the whole social media thing that I hate the most.
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In a much as Facebook has the most advantage of connecting and reconnecting people which I see as a very good thing they're people that leaves this very important aspect and engage in doing very annoying things that leaves one shaking one heads in disgust.

People do a lot of annoying things on Facebook but the ones I hate with passion are these two showoff and scamming. Alot of people just need validation from others to live their lives,I wonder what the likes and comments does for them. And some of those showoff is totally fake and I wonder to what end. This has made others believe they are living an empty life and would yo go any length to be like them.

Then scammers are just on the prowl on Facebook we can't even trust some one that sends a friend's request.
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Being the most commonly used social media i hate almost 90% of what i see around there. It is mostly about sexual matters. Sex this sex that. As a parent i feel ashamed of what my child will be subjected to by the times he gets to start using Facebook. He is just a toddler now and i cannot imagine how much more messed up Facebook will be when his time comes.

To make matters worse most accounts there unless those of people you know,others tend to be fake. Those people hiding behind fake accounts post the obscene stuffs. Even the people you know have other fake accounts that you might not know of.

What is more hurting is that if Facebook owner really cared they would make sure nothing close to sexual matters gets to go online. Like for example how exactly to they allow a sex video be uploaded knowing very well children as young as 10 years are using it. It is like they care more about money.

Apart from that i believe the community also need to take responsibility of what they post. They also have a role to play. You see a parent posting awkward stuff and he/she knows they got young ones to mentor. I just find it all messed up.

Then there is the issue of people arguing about religion. They go to an extent of insulting each other. You just wonder how we just cannot love and respect each other believes and practices. I can just go on and on.

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