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There are some people who can't do without playing video games every day. 

They are very addicted to to playing games always. 

How often do you play? 
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Very rarely, if I am online I really intend to do is to earn even just for less, so game is my least priority.

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I'm a gamer but not an addict I can play all kinds of games mobile, PC or online games. Each depends solely on the game I'm to play but for playing video games online I'm always in for it. I try to play video games when I'm really bored and need a fun thing to keep me going. I can play video games at least twice a week or more depending on the time that I have to spend online doing nothing or not ready to work then.
I like to play video games because it like an avenue of learning for me,it helps to stimulate my brain to unravel some puzzles thereby creating mental alertness and boosting my memory.It can be fun time for I and my friends if I invite them over and it helps to imporove my problem solving skills. So many factors that will enable one or motivate one to play online video games.
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Playing video games is something that I have gotten addicted to and this is because I began playing games while I was just a kid. The essence of doing so is for us to feel relaxed and happy. Gaming is one of the ways that I get to enjoy some good times and playing with friends have become a routine that I noticed that it is hard for me to stop.

There are these two friends that I used to have in those days that also enjoy gaming and some days, we get to play games deep into the night which is pretty nice and cool. The joy of getting to beat them makes me feel motivated to always play them everyday and that is one need that I never forget. You won't feel the need to get tired when you are playing the game with some people and while I don't bet money on it, the passion is always there.
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I just want to share that when I was really attached to DOTA 2 and we don't have personal computer at home. I almost lived in computer rental shops. It's a 3-day straight of playing. I did bring a bag full of my enough things. And when I remembered those days I spent millions in playing DOTA 2. And my friends were asking me, "Do you sleep?" And I answered them a straight no. And they were like thinking of picking me up in the shop bring back to home. And thank goodness that I am not that attach to it. I can control myself now.  I know now how to balance my time as well and manage to play with a rampage every game. Well, that's a joke because I play the role of position 5. I buy wards and courier all the team needs. So, I got rampage once in a blue moon.

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