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What do you think about buying drugs over the counter.
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Yes,I take drugs without prescription especially if I have minor headache or body pain but I wouldn't advice anybody to do so because your headache or body pain may not be due to malaria.It may be caused by something more life threatening than malaria So,its always advisable to see a doctor.
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In the developed world, it's not possible to buy any drugs over the counter because it's against the law. 

But over here in my country, it's something that is very commonly done. 

It's absolutely not safe in my opinion. 
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I totally support this ,taking drugs without doctor's prescription is totally wrong and might be very dangerous.

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I think that when we are talking about taking drugs, we should always be careful of the drugs that we take as the medication may go a long way in deciding how our body systems will be in the long-run. I have this particular friend of mine that is always fond of taking pain killers such as paracetamol and panadol each time that she is feeling headache. While I warned her to stop since this is not going to help her, she said so and just few months ago, I heard that she was rushed to the hospital as a result of having some brain injuries. For instance, when someone is feeling headache, I believe that the best thing to do is to take some rest and enough water instead of taking drugs all the time.

Also, one can decide to visit the hospital and have a test run to determine the real cause of the ailment instead of going on self medication. I always find it difficult to take drugs on my own when I discover that I am sick as I prefer going to the hospital
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Yea,you're right some little problems with the money can be caused by some other things which prompt doctor's attention more. 
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It's a misconception about - is taking drugs legal or illegal? You may have heard that using and sharing drugs is legal. Some teens or adults believe that, if they get pills from their family's medicine cabinet, instead of an authorized medicine dealer, then it's not against the law. But it's not true! Stealing from your family's medicine cabinet or buying medicine from the dealer both are against the federal and state law. If you take a pill that was prescribed to someone else, it's not only against the law, also extremely dangerous.

I have been engaged with a Miami based IV therapy company for a long time. I would never suggest someone take drugs without a prescription. Please do not take drugs without a prescription. Thanks!

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I hope others get to read this and stop taking drugs without prescription. It can more dangerous than we think.
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Well, in my opinion there are some part of the world where people don't bother or worry about getting the doctor's prescription of drugs before going to buy the drugs. Actually, what makes more people especially in the developing country to ignore getting the doctor's prescription of drugs before going to purchase it for consumption is because of the high cost of getting medical attention.

A lot of people don't have health insurance, so they cannot afford to pay for hospital bills, and as a result of that, they all self medicate themselves without having any doctor's help. A lot of people have died as a result of making use of self medication because of overdose and drinking of the wrong drugs which goes to complicate one's health.
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This is true but I think instead of committing murder through taking wrong drugs people should avoid taking any drugs at all. 
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Taking drugs without seeing a doctor and getting a prescription is really not advisable and could pose certain risk to our health, especially in cases where the taker accidentally takes the wrong drug.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have this habit, and I happen to be one of such people. I might try to justify my wrong actions if asked since the drugs I self prescribe are mostly aspirins and maybe other basic drugs for minor issue like aches and body pain, but regardless, no matter how mild the situation, it's really not a good idea self medicating.

Going back to the question, you spoke about buying drugs over the counter at a pharmacy without a prescription. Yes, this behavior is very common here in my country. It's like a norm here and no one sees any wrong in it. People in fact preferring going to pharmacy to complain about certain body issues where they then get drugs sold to them instead of going to the hospital and seeing a doctor. Am talking about serious cases like a bike crash. The most worrying part is that most of those pharmacist aren't even qualified and certified to make such operations. I think it will take more than the usual warnings and orientation to put a stop to this general behavior.
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Maybe the medical practitioners should kind of create awareness to educate the masses on the effect of the habits. It might be helpful. 
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Yes, especially when we need it right away and no need to visit the doctors. But sometimes we ask for prescription from doctor because it is more cheaper. We always stock medicine and buy it from local store or supermarket, like for cough, headache, fever, sore throat, stomach pain, and muscle pain. This is really common sickness so, we always have something to grab on when we have one of those. Most supermarket now are selling medicine in one of their shelves so it's easy to pick up something when you needed it without going to doctors. Precaution though some brand doesn't really work and might worsen your symptoms. But it is all very handy to buy at over the counter because some doctors are too expensive too, especially private hospitals.
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In as much as going to the hospital is very expensive,I think we should try to get to a cheaper one maybe than taking drugs without prescription.

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