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I know we can lose weight exercising maybe with a diet along side but can we lose weight weight only exercising. Anyone tried that out.
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Exercise helps you to lose weight. I have used it on more than one occasion to burn fats and it's very efficient and effective. 

I sweat so much whenever I'm working out. 
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Yea,I know exercising is very helpful but was just wondering how fast it could be using just exercises.
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First we must define what exercise is. In its crudest sense exercise is the process by which sustained motion strengthens a specific set of muscles. There are multiple variations to this process whose end result is to allow the body to be more efficient in its physiological processes. Specifically to answer your question, unless you perform long hours of endurance exercises daily/weekly most weight will come from reduction in dietary intake. Those who perform daily calisthenics, for 20 minutes a day, lose very little weight. Diet will account for 80-90% of the weight loss. I wrote 2 books on dieting. In preparation for these books it became obvious in my research exercise is extremely important yet weight loss would be minimal compared to a good solid diet. Depending on your state of health a diet consisting of high protein with moderate carbs and low fat is one means to achieve your goals. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question. Mark Davis MD

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It is possible to loose weight by only exercising or executing workout routines on aregualr basis. But this is only possible if such a person doesn't engage in an unhealthy eating habits. But then, most people who have weight or put on weight is because of an unhealthy eating habit which involves engaging in the consumption of non-balance diets and meals that store more calories that is not proportionate to the body.

Drawing from the above, I'd say that exercising alone will almost not guarantee a loss in weight. This is simply because workouts have the ability to help shed some calories which eventually leads to loosing weight. But it's of no use if you workout and continue to engage in an unbalance diet. It's like trying to quench a burning flame by using flammable substances. A good eating habit and exercise work hand in hand to make the process of loosing weight a possibility.
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Alright,maybe it could be very helpful if one is just trying to lose weight gradually and is being consistent with it.
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Losing weight is something that has got to do with exercising and eating fine for one can not really get better without the other. I have seen people that will say that they are going to the gym house to keep fit and lose weight in the process, but when you come across them eating, you get to see that they are eating the type of food that you won't even want to eat since the food is junk and processed.

There is need for those that always want to use exercising to lose weight to as well understand the need for them to eat right as regards getting to take those foods that will help you lessen the fats while building muscles. This is where they always get it wrong by thinking that without the proper diet and nutrition, that they are going to achieve their fitness goals.
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Yea, using both diet and exercise can be very effective but sometimes it becomes very difficult to diet along with exercising.
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Sometimes just exercising is not enough to lose weight. You have to control your food habit or other lifestyles. Please consider the following points to get a better understanding of losing weight besides exercising...

  1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Never skip breakfast.
  2. Try to take regular meals during the day. It will help burn calories at a faster rate.
  3. Eat lots of fiber contained fruits and vegetables.
  4. Get an active lifestyle. Add some normal exercise at workplaces during the work.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  6. Take some professional help from experts. If possible take an IV weight loss therapy from an IV specialist.
  7. Try to avoid junk foods such as chocolates, biscuits, and fizzy drinks.
  8. Try to avoid drinking Alcohol.

Hope, these tips will help you cut down your weight. Be happy and get a healthy lifestyle, that should be your motto. Thanks!

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Well, thanks for the tips I know combining with other weight loss tips can be very useful was just thinking of just exercising. 
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Yes of course, it's very possible that someone would be able to lose weight by only exercising or working out because any exercise or workouts which one carries out either on daily basis or weekly or monthly basis do help in burning out fat and calories.
Personally, I used to exercise a lot in order to help me and get rid of my excessive weight because too much of weight is a very big problem. With only working out alone, I was still able to reduce my calories and burn lots of fats, it's a very good way to losing weight.
Currently, I have upgraded on what I have to do in order to be able to lose my excess weight to the lowest possible limit by placing myself on diet. I only eat only one meal in a day and it's very helpful in my ways be getting me to lose weight.
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I know about dieting but sometimes it becomes difficult to keep to the diet so I was thinking about exercising alone to lose weight.
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Exercising along without tracking your diet is not good and won't be effective alone. If you want to loose weight by exercising means you need to burn more calories, than you consume or eat less calories each day. In order to be effective of loosing weight program, you have to be restrict with your diet. Don't focus on scale because they are just numbers, focus more on how do you  feel, when you feelgood when you exercise everyday that means, you are burning calories. The scale will follow later on , you maybe gain some muscles as some fats will become muscles, just like my cousin did. She was skinny and she want to gain weight by building up muscles. It will take a lot of patient and more perseverance to loose weight. Strick diet and discipline is necessary to win this game. Asif you battling to loose weight, then you can win the fight you aiming for.
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I think the best bet as you have stated is losing weight gradually. I know it isn't with just exercising alone one might still  try out. 
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You can lose weight just by exercising but it is more effective with a healthy diet. Look at the analogy like this. Your current weight would be an aggregation of the food you eat, your daily activities, how much calories you burn and how much is left that turns into fat.

So if you start exercising, you'll find that you'll be burning additional calories than what you are normally used to if all things are equal. This means less calories to store. This might be a bit tricky if it only reduces how much fat is stored. It may not be burning already stored fat. Hence you may just be maintaining your current weight.

However if you add dieting, you can't go wrong. This means less calorie intake and still burning already stored fat. This is why most people seeking to lose weight are advised to have a regular exercise and diet plan.

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