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Do you think it worthwhile working online or it has been a waste of time for you.
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It all depends on a online site that you working with, other earning site is not worth to tey especially if the earnings is really slow.
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I spend a lot of time online trying to figure out how to make money online. Their are lots of ways one can make money online from getting paid to chat to getting paid to teach,taking surveys and so on. My own view is that one should make it a side hustle because making money online is not as easy as it seem..and its not a get rich quick scheme.If you need some extra bucks to supplement your daily income,them you can try online jobs.
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I agree online jobs are tasking too,it never as easy as we are made to understand offline and the pay is somewhat low.
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Depends on the sites you're on and how much time you're planning on spending. If you do it right, online earing is actually very profitable.

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I have been working online since 2016 and that was just online surveys, I was surprise when I take it seriously after a year of starting it. It encourage me to be persistent and be honest to do online because it gives credit and rewards. I even paid for $250 for answering a question everyday for 2 weeks. And another $100 for 7 days, others are mostly gift voucher and e-gift cards. And then this year was not really good but I am still earning a little bit through surveys. I hope next there will be more opportunity earning online. Its not really a waste of time, earning online is just and extra not unless you don't have any other source of income. If your source of income is online and there is not enough income coming in then, maybe you needed an offline income so you don't waste your time speding online for a tiny amount.
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You're not doing badly all the same.whst we oftentimes need is activeness and Consistency online to make more money. 
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I agree, consistency and honesty to answer questions is important in the end you get credits and rewards anyway.
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Definitely,nothing can beat consistency when it comes to online work since we need to reach the mininum before cashing out
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One thing that I will have to say that is that there is no activity that we embark on the internet is a waste of time as we either gain some friends, financial literacy, or a way that we get to kill boredom. When it come to online earnings, I will say that it is definitely one of the best ways that many of us will get to feel nice as we shall always enjoy some great moments by being part of those that get returns just by staying on the internet.
There is need for those that are working online to always find ways that they can improve on a lot of aspects of their lives. You can start a course through the earnings that you have made online and better the life that you want to live. Also, one can buy some gadgets that will facilitate the way that they earn online as well. So, it is never a waste of time to earn online.
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Never a waste to earn extra bucks online. I wish there could be more paying sites for tier 2 countries.
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Working online is no doubt worth while because there are lots of benefits that one can derive from working online which could be in the form of cash rewards or access to more information and opportunities available online.
The time I have spent online with the amount of money I have earned,  friendship networks I have built and lots things I have learnt and i am still learning, there is no doubt it is indeed worthwhile working online.
There are people who feel working online is a waste of time,  these set of people are either people who have higher target or expectations of income online and they do not have the requirements to meet up with the target,  they kept dangling and ended up with nothing or those who already have the negative mindset towards online activities.
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Definitely,I know online jobs doesn't pay as expected but it can help us pick up our bills and expenses at least yearly.
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For the few years I've spent on or in online sites. I’ve never regret working online. It really give me joy working online and learning at the same time.I don't really find it hard working on the few sites am working on, which most of it are review sites. I don't really find working online disturbing or expensive; since I use my working place WIFI to do all the works during the day and just little at night.

I work on not leas than 5 sites and I try to make sure I touch each site well every day.. My return from the sites have being a great and huge support for me. Because I don't longer have to depend only or only on my salary since I make a lot fr online review per month. But it is fundamental that, its not my main means of livelihood. Because, the sites can fold up any time.
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This is always the problem with online sites it can vanish at any given time and one wouldn't be able to make the usual money.

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