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Social media is the most popular media to communication with each other. But I am confused which is most popular social media site twitter or Facebook?
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For me it is still Facebook. It is easy to understand, easy to click the tabs while in Twitter you really need to be oriented and also, I get active on Facebook before than Twitter so for me it is the bes social media.
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Well, everything depends on what purpose each social media site is used. Some people would tell you that Facebook is mostly used because they mostly use Facebook while others would say that it's Twitter. 

So, it depends on which one anyone prefers to make use of. Personally, I'm more into Twitter than Facebook. 
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Facebook has over a billion users, whereas Twitter is in the five hundred millions. However, Twitter is more active and used by younger generations. 

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Facebook is very popular with everyone because people love to share and post pictures of events and things they are doing in their lives. You can chat with your friend, talk with them live, see what they are doing, and meet people from around the world.

Where Twitter is basically used for announcements and short messages. Even though Twitter has increased the characters of the tweet you can make it isn't personal. People basically share links and videos on Twitter. The site was designed for people to give up to the minute updates on events, what is happening, and if there is an accident to warn people of the mess on the road so they can avoid this. Furthermore, many companies use this to advertise sales, special events, and promotions. It is more of a quick message board and not so much a place to share all your photos and stuff on. 

So if you are looking for a social media account that you can post images, events, or updates then you should use Facebook. If you have a quick update of an important event or an event that is taking place right now then use Twitter. 
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Facebook is the top social media now. There was another social media website known as founded by Sebastian Sobczak, and closed last year due to some unknown reason. The main feature of Tsu was you can earn money by sharing and liking a post or inviting a friend to the site.
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Both are popular while in south asian countries twitter is not popular as facebook. But twitter is getting an edge nowadays as facebook is losing it's active users due to the emergence of mobile apps such a whatsapp, hike etc. Anyway the social media network that has most users may be the Google plus as it's given to all people holding a gmail account and gmail be the most using mail service all over the world.
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Facebook jumped by 60 million monthly active users from 1.94 billion in march 2017 to 2.01 billion as of June 30, 2017. The rate of growth seems to continue at 20 million active users per month. So, by the end of the year we should see 2.1 billion Facebook monthly active users.

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They are both popular, but for different reasons. I think that you have to add 3rd social media site here - it's Instagram. Especially from the day when you could send Instagram DM online, it united all social media all together I think. You can post photos, write some texts, send direct messages and promote something if you need to. It's very useful!
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Facebook is the most used social media because its easy to use and cheap and full of fun staff unlike Twitter which is hard to use,mostly meant for official purposes and not fun as Facebook.

Besides Facebook can be monetized if you have a Facebook page whereas for twitter its rarely monetized but requires you to have lots of followers.

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