Which one is best Electric Pole or Luminaires?  image

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In terms of the beautiful design, Luminaries are good to look at,however electric pole is intended for roads lights.We most seen this pole beside of the road. And I think electric pole will will support more on electric line along the roads to the households. And if I a mot mistaken, Luminaries is used to house designs and even in buildings for beautiful display purpose, and of course given the lights come from it. In safety precaution, electric pole is not safe either, when there is cyclone or strong wind, it possible that the electric pole will fall down on the streets. I like Luminaries more than electric pole, I am not an engineer so I don't know behind all these in terms of electric on how it works and how it become safety.
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I would love to have the luminaires than the pole ones. It would be classy to have them. Unfortunately, it is not that popular in my country and it will be difficult to avail them here.
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